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How to Increase Conversion Rate Drastically


Maximizing conversions is the first thing to optimizing profit If you’ve been selling online, you know that the amount of visitors you get doesn’t exactly reflect your sales proportionally. Sometimes people like to just show up, take a good look and then leave. Now you might think that that has something to do with their disinterest with your product. What if I told you there could be people who are quite interested in your product, but still didn’t purchase? What gives? The conversion rate is a metric that shows how many of your visitors left your site after purchasing one ... Read More »

How To Get Your First Client


How To Get Your First Client : And How To Expand Your Clients List After That While it is true that each and every business is different, one thing that bothers most people with aspirations to be entrepreneurs is how in the world are they going to find their first client. And even though that’s the sort thing that makes a businessman prove himself, there are always things we can learn from others who have gone down that path. Here are some tips on finding your first clients. So , you’ve already organized everything, found the materials and supplies needed ... Read More »

Top 10 frequent AdWords Campaign Mistakes


Top 10 frequent AdWords Campaign Mistakes : The things that will get your ad campaign on the route of total disaster: None of us are born ready or knowing, but if you refuse to find out whatever you can in order to improve your business, you’re likely to meet failure in your endeavors. Mistakes are often made by people who are just starting work in a new sphere, and that’s alright. But it’s best to learn from the experience of others who have tried the same thing. This is what we’ll be talking about right now, regarding AdWords campaigns in ... Read More »

Writing a Killer Social Media Press Release

social media press release

Writing a Killer Social Media Press Release : … and going viral while you’re at it :   You’ve seen it many times already, when big technology companies decide to showcase their product to the masses, they do social media press releases. Twitter and Facebook start booming with the subject, and this eventually carries on to the other social media networks. No doubt, many of you are already thinking that there is great potential behind social media press releases , and that they can be used as an instrument to gain popularity, traffic and even backlinks for SEO. But what ... Read More »

Practical Guide To Transferring Files Using FTP

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Ftp file transfer :A necessary skill for future site administrators Most larger websites (as well as some of the smaller ones) run on their own dedicated machine. This machine has a  server , which deals with the program interpretation, database and HTTP serving. Since the administrator has direct access to the machine ,there’s rarely need for file transfers. However , if you’ve ever hosted a site on a web hosting plan, you know that FTP is necessary in  order to upload the files of your website to the distant machine. Here’s what we’ll try to explain here – transferring files ... Read More »

7 Beginner Tips On How To Write A Blog


Blogging can be fun and easy … if you know how to make it so Nearly everyone has tried to make a blog – if not because of anything else, out of curiosity. And it’s not even that difficult to make one anymore. There are websites who offer making your own blog instance with just a five minute registration,  and there are also blogging platforms like WordPress who are easily installed, providing out-of-the-box functionality with little or no setting up. Blogging has become so natural nowadays, that it would make sense that people sometimes make them out of curiosity. But ... Read More »

5 Killer Tips on How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google


Noticed by Google means getting noticed by anyone else: Making a blog (or any type of site for that matter) search engine friendly is a direct goal for people who want to increase traffic to their website,  achieve a higher count of conversions (more sales ) or just become popular. Helping your blog become more easily noticed translates only into benefits for you, so it’s worth the effort. However, if you don’t know where to start, this article would be a good place.  It’s important to understand at this point that making your blog more noticed by Google means making ... Read More »

Top 15 Free Corporate WordPress Themes 2014


Top 15 Free Corporate WordPress Themes 2014 Business themes are getting more attention by business professionals. Here we present to you the best collection of  corporate WordPress themes.   WordPress restaurant themes is the our last post which becomes so  much popular in the short duration of time. So here is the another bunch of free WordPress themes 2015 great themes , you will definitely love them…Leave your feedback people. One Touch – Multifunctional Metro Stylish Theme : First of all,congratulations!You are going to see an extraordinary theme.It comes with three different layouts : Magazine,classic and corporate.It contains a customized author info box, a ... Read More »

Top 10 Premium, Creative PSD Templates


PSD template is a Photoshop template created by web designers in order to use it for a website. After PSD template is created, a web developer takes it and cuts into pieces creating the final website design. By the way, there is a possibility to skip the second step – you can use a tool to convert your PSD into a ready-made website without any coding skills. 1418 Imperio | Modern PSD Template 1418 Imperio is a uniquely designed website template. Designed in Photoshop with a modern look, its perfect for personal portfolios or creative agencies but can be used ... Read More »

Tips To Convert Maximum Mobile visitors to Your Email List


Tips To Convert Maximum Mobile visitors to Your Email List : The actual difficulty and how to deal with it : One might wonder for a second – what difference does it make whether the visitors are mobile or desktop users, when it comes to email lists and subscriptions ?  There are many differences between mobile sites and desktop ones, just as there are many different ways people browse according to the device they’re using. But what does any of that have to do with the email list ? You’ll learn below.  The root of the problems stems from the ... Read More »

Practical Tips For Increasing Pinterest Followers


Practical Tips For Increasing Pinterest Followers: Get popular in Pinterest … the right way : With its innovative concept, Pinterest has become a major player in the social network scene, acquiring millions of regular visitors that keep scrolling and pinning every day. And where some see entertainment, others see business opportunity. Increasing your Pinterest followers means little or nothing to the individual who only likes to browse and pin, but it’s essential if you want to have a Pinterest campaign for your product. In this article we’ll explore the idea of getting more followers on Pinterest.  You’re probably aware of ... Read More »

What is a Website Content Writer?


Do you need one for your website ? Can you become one ? I am website content writer, to some extent, since what you’re reading right now is web content. One might wonder what the difference is between a web writer and a print writer, since , well , they both write! They do topics they’re give, they both do research, they both strive to be  interesting and provide the reader with the information they need. How come is there a difference?  Well , the difference between the web content writer and the print writer comes with the difference in ... Read More »