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How to Create Your Own WordPress Theme


Figuring out how themes work and applying that knowledge To some people, making a WordPress theme will remain a “dark art”, while others, though knowledgeable In the basics of design (HTML, PHP and CSS), will not even try, because they can’t find the motivation to experiment with making their own theme. This tutorial is targeted at people who have a basic understanding of the technologies WordPress utilizes, but not the structure of themes themselves. It will help you understand how to make your own theme according to the accepted standard. We need to explore the structure of a theme in ... Read More »

10 of the Best CSS3 Code Generators


I have rose-tinted memories of CSS2.1. Rounded corners may have caused hours of Photoshopping grief, but it was simple. Most developers could recall the few dozen properties without referring to reference books every two minutes. CSS3 changes everything. There are 116 new properties* with multiple vendor prefixes and different syntaxes. No one could be expect you to memorize everything. Fortunately, there are a number on free online tools which will help you create modern CSS3 code to cut and paste into your stylesheets… CSS 3.0 Maker CSS 3.0 Maker is a fabulous tool. You can define box radii, gradients, text ... Read More »

Windows 8 Best Features That Really Make A Difference


Seeing the innovative nature of Windows 8: Windows 8 officially came out in October 26, but there was quite a lot of buzz about it long before. After many of the videos that Microsoft presented us with, there were long , thorough discussions on its functionality. Some predicted it to become the leader of the market, while others were not so optimistic about its future. And while it might be true that Windows 8 has a long way to go until it has such a wide and feature-full apps market and user base, it does offer some unique features that ... Read More »

What is a Content Management System ? Understanding CMS


What is a Content Management System ? Understanding CMS: The story behind CMS and its uses : CMS stands for Content Management System. You hear the term CMS everywhere, and at this point you’ve probably already understood that when people say CMS, they most often mean a system that , after being installed, produces a configurable website. This is not the full definition of a CMS, as we will see below. However, the way people use the term so often makes us see that CMS installations have become a building block of the modern web,  providing an opportunity to people ... Read More »

Top Five Android Apps


The essential Android Apps you need to have on your phone : Most of the casual people were skeptical with Android at first. The ones who were most excited about Android were usually the tech-savvy people, and that was a grim prospect at first, since most expected apps for Android not to be easy and well-made as those for, say, Apple.  But even though Apple had the head start,   the once so-called Android Market, which is now Google Play , is filled with thousands of apps made to please even the most demanding users. Let’s see what the best entries ... Read More »

5 premium WordPress Themes every Blogger should have


Today Mobile users are growing exponentially and definately most of your blog visitors should be coming through mobile,I pads,I phones and more similar stuff.Do you have a Mobile friendly site?If the answer is no then you are probably missing a huge audience. It’s must too have a mobile version of your website or blog.If you are using WordPress its even more easier.You just have to download theme ,install it and activate it. We are presenting you 5 attractive fully functional Mobile Themes.   1.My Mobile page v2 WordPress theme : Features : Fluid layout which automatically adjusts with any screen ... Read More »

How To Make Your Website Load Faster


How To Make Your Website Load Faster : It’s not only a matter of “good” , but of “fast” as well If you’ve been into the business of making websites, you probably know that on the very technical side, website loading speed depends on the speed with which the client browser, your server’s capabilities regarding to speed, and most importantly the size of the code and images behind the webpage. Since we can’t affect the speed of the client (it’s fixed by his Internet provider) we’ll try to direct these tips at lowering the size of your webpage, which is ... Read More »

How to Schedule Blog Posts on WordPress

Schedule Blog Posts on WordPress

Ever since the human race could find a way to accurately measure time, we’ve been obsessed with the notion of keeping track of it, organizing ourselves to use the maximum of time we can, and scheduling things. Timetables, personal timed agendas, calendars – you name it. But there are a great many uses to proper scheduling in business, and if your blog is all about that ,you’re going to need a way to schedule your posts. We’ll explore the options in this article. Steps to Schedule Blog Posts on WordPress And Automating: So why exactly would you need to schedule posts ... Read More »

What Are WordPress Plugins? And how do we put them to use?


WordPress plugins Really helps : No piece of software is perfect, neither can it do absolutely everything you need it to, at any given time. Taking that into consideration, the smart people that built WordPress made it able to extend its functionality beyond the defaults, in order to bring us a high quality product we can use to build our websites easily. Plugins come in many different shapes and varieties, doing many different things. But let’s dig in further.  Plugins may be somewhat separate pieces of software that provide extra functionality, but to bring it to WordPress, they use the ... Read More »