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Learning How To Promote a Small Business Online

Lots of small businesses these days are struggling to get more clients, but there is certainly a small group of businesses that are killing it by using the power of the internet to find and attract thousands of potential clients for their own businesses. Here we explore how each of the following marketing strategies can help you attract more customers/clients from different channels on the internet.

What does it mean to get it on Google and why you should forget yellow pages!

If you own a dental clinic in Philadelphia, you will find that getting it ranked for the keywords “dental clinic Philadelphia” can be very beneficial. When your website gets ranked, it will be seen for those keywords, and your customers will always be typing in these keywords on a daily basis to find the service that you can offer. Let’s face it, nobody ever goes into the yellow pages anymore, and it won’t do your business any good to be in the yellow page and it will cost you a fortune to advertise in yellow pages these days

Classified Ads – How this can beat other traditional print media.

Classified Ads
The power behind advertisement can never be overlooked. A wise business man once said “stopping advertisements in order to save money can be compared to stopping a watch in order to save time”. Since time immemorial, advertisement has played a key role to the survival of many businesses. The channels for ads have long changed from word of mouth, ravens, and horns to modern ways such as yellow pages, newspaper, televisions, radios and the internet. Talking of the internet, classified ads come into play as a wide channel for any businessman to tap potential clientele.

Content Syndication – How to get thousands of eyeballs to see your products/services.

Content Syndication
The business world is so competitive and the lifeline of any business is to draw and retain a client following so content syndication may be an answer for your business. Sometimes it is hard to draw in the kind of client base that you need to get your products out where they are visible. You work hard at what you do and you need to get some fresh leads to market these ideas out into the internet world.

Content syndication is a very real answer to spreading your business ideas out where it does the most good. You can reach a multitude of prospective clients and build a following by using the simple marketing with the concept of syndication. This is a viable way of getting many new leads for your small businesses.

The concept of content syndication is simply putting your content on dozens or even hundreds of other web sites on the internet so you can get maximum exposure for your content.

Some small businesses would also benefit from some other form of document sharing. Distribution of eBooks could be the answer for them. EBooks have the ability to guide you in a way that a short document can. When you buy a product you usually get a guide that goes along with it. Distributing eBooks can open the doors to getting information out about a particular service or a good that you are promoting.

Another relatively new concept is a Podcast presentation. This is a real way to get your business some exposure. Information is gathered and then caught in a program that is saved on your computer for you access any time you want to. Using the same scenarios, a local IT training company could make a podcast about its own programs, the benefits and features of each of the courses, its competitive edge etc so it can increase its exposure

To locate and gather hard to find clients, use any of the content syndication method above to grow your client base and build up your business. There are many methods of using syndication. You just have to find a method that works for your business and go with it.

Social Media – How this can really expand the reach of your audience.

Social Media
The world of business and communication has undergone some of the most extensive changes during the last few years. This is due to the fact that people’s modes of interaction have shifted from the conventional into the use of social media. This has been made easier by the fact that internet is very cheap and easily available even on mobile phones. Nowadays, if you want to reach out to a large audience, you have to consider using social networking sites to promote your business. The most heavily trafficked sites include:


Here is how you can use each of these networks to promote your small business online.


Nothing has ever taken the world by storm the way Facebook did. Currently, the site has millions of followers all over the world. This means that if you were to exploit it, you can expand from a small business to a multinational. Here is how you can use Facebook to promote your small business online.

- Creating groups and pages: If for instance you own a flower shop, you can create a page on Facebook. It will have the name of your flower shop. Creating pages is absolutely free. You can then request your friends to join. The good thing about Facebook is that it has a viral effect. If one friend likes, their friend might see the like, get interested and like, then there will be the friend to the friend of the friend, and soon it becomes a web. When your likes grow, you can even get a site admin. This person will be posting on your behalf. They can talk about the newest flower types and deals you have and so on. There is also the concept of promos. You can have someone from a more popular site promoting you and you promote them back.

- Creating posts and tagging people in them: when you have created a page or a group, you can post anything on the wall. So if for instance you own a little eatery, you can take nice pictures of the food that you sell. You can even have pictures of your place taken. Once you post them, you can tag all your friends in them. When you tag someone, the post will appear on their wall. This will help create awareness about your eatery.

How You Can Use Twitter To Advertise

Twitter is more like a micro blog. Here, all you need to do is create a page. You are allowed to post blogs that are not so long. These are called tweets. If for instance you have an upcoming boutique, you can create an account for it. You will then invite people to follow you. You can be tweeting about the latest arrivals in your collection, promotions and sales, discounts and so on. There is also tweet deck where, you can connect your tweets to appear on Facebook. Twitter will also help you in:

• Learning what your customers think of the services you offer. If a customer likes something, they will tweet about it. On the other hand, if they don’t, they will also tweet. You can use twitter to sort of spy on clients comments and do self improvement.

• Customer support: If you can’t afford a customer support rep, there is a way you can have your customers connecting with you on twitter, making orders, asking questions and so on. and Google+

These two social media sites have less than a year in the market. In Pinterest, you need to set up an account. There are usually boards where you can pin about anything(mainly pictures/photos). If you are a local car dealer, you can have a page with the name of your auto shop. You can then follow and have people following you like in twitter. You can pin posts about your business, the services you offer or the new amazing auto parts you are selling and all these photos will have links back to your site which can really generate traffic/potential leads back to your site

As for Google plus, it is really a blog. You set up an account. You can then have people join you. If for example you run a wedding planning company, you can be posting pictures of weddings you planned, the flower, arrangements, reception settings and so on. Your friends will comment on the service. As you continue engaging the clients, your business will grow.

Those are just a few of the ways you can use social media to promote your business. Remember that most people do online networking. If you want to succeed, you will have to use social media to market your business and spend some time trying to network with your customers and get to know them more.

Video marketing – How to convey your message to your customers instantly.

Video marketing
Did you know that most internet surfers only read about 30% of the content they find on a webpage? If you own a small business, and you established a website or blog for it, you might be wondering why it does not pick up the way you want it to. There is one simple reason, the content on your site. Reading paragraph after paragraph of information can be tiring. Most people are becoming more accustomed to watching short online videos. This is because videos are more entertaining and engaging. If you want to keep your clients interested for long, you should try the idea of video marketing for your business.

Sponsored Reviews – Getting top product reviews and testimonials for pennies.

Sponsored Reviews
Many small businesses usually lack the help of having plenty of reviews to use. The truth is that getting reviews for your company online could help increase your credibility. Whether it means to give somebody your service or to pay somebody to leave you a good review, it is all worth it since you really need for your brand to receive good ratings. Sponsored reviews are often thought of as useless, but they can do so much for your business. These can come in the form of a written or video testimonial, and whether you own a nice dental clinic or a restaurant, a testimonial or review could go a long way.

What exactly are the main benefits of sponsored reviews?

First of all, they are very helpful for achieving plenty of professionalism within your customers. People who learn about your business will feel that your business or company does the best at what you do. Testimonials are not only powerful and helpful, but also a smart idea as well. Increasing your chances of gaining more customers can be done with the usage of sponsored reviews. Another main benefit is the fact that some companies even place the review they wrote into a blog that they own which gets thousands of visitors per month, so you can even get direct traffic for free.

Email Marketing – Keeping your customers informed all the way.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to promote your small business online. Just like the word of mouth, internet marketing has become very strong and influential in spreading information. It is also more economical, response-oriented and efficient compared with other methods of marketing.

The great thing about internet marketing is that it can be utilized to boost sales in all kinds of small businesses, including brick-and-mortar businesses and online stores. As a businessperson who operates a small or medium local store, you will particularly find email marketing being very helpful since it will enable you to advertise your services without spending lots of cash. For example, if you run a massage parlor, you can send mass emails to your clients to inform them about any new services you have on offer. You can also send coupons and discount offers to your customers through email. This will be an effective way of keeping your customers drawn to your business since it will give another reason to visit your establishment.

Daily Coupon Sites – Explode Your Business by Making Different Deals Daily.

Daily Coupon Sites
If you own a small business, you will know how hard it is to popularize as well as sell your products. Most of the small business fails due to the lack of proper marketing strategy. Understanding the interest of the people and getting their attention to the business website or store is considered as the backbone of a good marketing strategy. Daily coupons can be very helpful in advertising your business products as well as to attract a large number of potential customers to your business. Repeat offers and bonuses also make potential customers to return to your business. Therefore, we can say that daily coupon sites play a major role in developing your business.

The benefits of using daily coupon sites.

Small businesses which make use of coupon sites earn greater benefits than one which is not making use of this marketing strategy. The first and the foremost benefit is the cost efficiency. Daily coupon site is considered as one of the cost effective options available when compared to other alternatives such as coupons printed in newspapers or print advertising. Pay per click is one of the popular methods of advertising your business in the internet, but it is one of the most expensive marketing strategies available at present. You should know the fact that most of the online coupon sites charge businesses a small monthly fee. However, the costs of getting deals are much lower when compared to other sites. Look out for coupon site that offer less fee during the first few months. This way you can save a lot of money as well as gives you a chance to see if your deals convert.

Mobile Apps – How to leverage on existing customers.

Mobile Apps
Do you have a nice business that you could use a brand new marketing strategy? The truth is that you can really get more customers and clients if you do some extra promotional strategies, but you won’t really achieve anything if you don’t do everything correctly. One of the coolest new additions that you can add to your businesses marketing is building a simple mobile app. Mobile apps are very popular in this generation because of the huge amount of people who have smartphones. The truth is that people like interaction, and mobile apps can pose to be a great interaction tool.

What will a mobile app for my business do?

These mobile apps will basically cause your customers and potential customers to be updated by everything that your business has. If ever you plan to create a coupon for your business, you can update those who downloaded the mobile app with an instant update feature, so the update will instantly pop up on their phone. They can disable this if they want, but the majority of them won’t do that. These mobile apps will simply provide games, trivia, and information about your small business. It helps a lot for generating that interactive feel between you and your customers.

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