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Why you Should use Magento for making your E-commerce Site?

Open Source Platform

In the current scenario, WordPress has become one of the most dominating platforms for developing different types of websites. It lets you build anything – from a content website, photography site, e-magazine based site to an eCommerce site. Its ample range of themes and plugins helps you build customized site, without any coding skill. But when we thing about fully-fledged online store, Magento is the first option that comes to our mind. WordPress is a versatile platform, but Magento is a solely developed for selling products and services through an online store. Magento is claimed to the perfect platform for ... Read More »

How Essential Is SSL Certificate for Securing Your WordPress Site?


It becomes imperative to keep your WordPress website secure and safe. You heard about the assorted cyber attacks news. However, with the help of SSL certificate, you can keep your site protected with ease. With this, you can keep your website’s data secure from the hackers and other technical mishaps. In fact, this allows your web users to share information to your site through encrypted transfer protocols. Security Technology: SSL Connection Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a trustable security technology, used for setting up an encrypted link between the web server and a browser. The main purpose of SSL is ... Read More »

A Definitive Guide To CSS Shapes

Guide To CSS Shapes

Web designers are no more restricted to the square and rectangular shapes only. The evolving CSS specification will dramatically change the scenario and will offer flexibility to the web designers to design anything with CSS Shapes. With the virtue of CSS Shapes, web developers can generate custom paths in the form of polygons, circles and other shapes. Thus, the content now can be wrapped in ellipses and circles, rather than being limited to the rectangles only. One can define shapes, either by deriving it from images or creating them manually. Let’s delve deep into the topic.  CSS Shapes: A Foreword ... Read More »

Java Programming from Basic to Expert, Java for Beginner : Tutorial 1

java tutorials for beginners

About Java Programming Language : This tutorial is designed java beginners in mind, so don’t take stress your all doubts will be got solved.Java is a programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released In 1995 as a core component of ‘Sun Microcystems java platform. The language derives much of its syntax from C and C++ but has a simple object model and fewer low-level facilities. Java applications typically compiled to byte code that can run on any java virtual machine regardless of computer architecture. Features Of Java : Following are the main Features of Java Language: Platform independent: Generally ... Read More »

Online Hex Color Code Generator for Free

Hexadecimal Colors are primary requirement for creating your site and by using online generator tools given here you can create Free Hex Color Codes for your website or software applications. What is Hex Color Codes ? Its nothing but 6 digit hexadecimal numbers required by almost all the software and web designing tools. Each of this code represents the primary colors like Red, Blue, Green so called as RGB along with Brightness, Hue, Saturation. For Example Black Color has the hex code of (#000000) and contains RGB (0,0,0) and also have no Brightness, Hue and Saturation. Similarly White color have ... Read More »

Top 15 iPhone (iOS) Applications from CodeCanyon


Angry Ninjas Sling Shot Game Starter Kit for iOS This starterkit allows you to create a sling-shot game very quickly, and ride the wave of popularity they are enjoying on the appstore right now (you’ve probably heard of Angry Birds, the best known slingshot game). All you need to do is build some fantastic levels and add your own artistic vision. We’ve done the hard part, now you get to do the fun part! Demo | Screenshots | Purchase iPhone 9  Wave Attack Game Starter Kit – Universal iOS App App Description – Fight off wave after wave of descending ... Read More »

Top 10 Android Applications from CodeCanyon


Electric Orange Android Application : Screenshots | Purchase  Electric Orange has a modern dark look that will make your application look polished and different than the default OS look. With just a few lines of code you can make your app look completely different. The theme includes the most popular HDPI and MDPI sizes, and it scales nice to both LDPI and XHDPI. Styled parts include: Button Check box Text Edit Radio Button Drop down Star On/Off Button Scroll bar Background Title Bar. As a bonus we are including a really easy to use ActionBar that can be used on older devices. ... Read More »

Top 10 Premium, Creative PSD Templates


PSD template is a Photoshop template created by web designers in order to use it for a website. After PSD template is created, a web developer takes it and cuts into pieces creating the final website design. By the way, there is a possibility to skip the second step – you can use a tool to convert your PSD into a ready-made website without any coding skills. 1418 Imperio | Modern PSD Template 1418 Imperio is a uniquely designed website template. Designed in Photoshop with a modern look, its perfect for personal portfolios or creative agencies but can be used ... Read More »

Top 10 Corporate Business Themes for Joomla


Joomla is one of the world’s most popular open source CMS (content management systems). With millions of websites running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled applications. With the release of Joomla! 2.5, the user community has placed a large emphasis on making the CMS installation and updates management process as simple and straightforward as possible. This will allow users to more easily and frequently migrate to the latest version of Joomla!, and take advantage of all the security benefits ... Read More »

Top 10 Shopping Themes for Magento


Magento is an open source ecommerce web application that was launched on March 31, 2008. It was developed by Varien (now Magento Inc) with help from the programmers within the open source community but is owned solely by Magento Inc.. Magento was built using the Zend Framework. It uses the Entity-attribute-value (EAV) database model to store data. The Magento Community Edition is the only free version of Magento available. Here is a list of top 10, top-rated, Magento Shopping Themes. Home Zone Magento Theme Compatible with Magento version: 1.6, 1.5 Demo | Screenshots | Purchase Jewelry Store Magento Theme ... Read More »

How to change Your WordPress Username & display Name


Change WordPress Username – For those who are unsatisfied with their original choice : The reasons could be many and different, but actually have no reflection on how you can change your username. Most of the times it’s easy to do, and requires nothing more than the original WordPress functionality. But there might be some complications if you change your username, and we’ll try to discuss them too, in the lines below.   First, we need to make some clarifications, in order to continue with this tutorial. WordPress offers two “types” of username – a display name , by which you appear ... Read More »

Protect Your WodPress Blog From Spam Comments With These Easy Tips


Protect Your WordPress Blog From Spam Comments With These Easy Tips : Filtering out axiomatized spam: I think it’s clear that keeping spam comments should be a top priority if one wants to have a reputable looking blog. Most people associate spam comments with third-rate scam sites, and their toleration is a sign that the administrator doesn’t care enough for their blog. But if you’re clogged by the swarm of spam bots out there, you have to take some measures that are better that simply seeing and removing comments. Find out more about that below.  Administrator approved comments : This ... Read More »