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How Bloggers Can Save Money on Web Hosting

How Bloggers Can Save Money on Web Hosting

Personal blog sites have grown exponentially in recent years and the trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. But if you have your own blog site, or are thinking of starting one, you should be aware that they can and do cost money to start and maintain. Any website, from the biggest corporation to the single-page blog run by an individual, needs to have a host in order to appear on the web and the question is how to save money on web hosting fees. Free Web Hosting Yes, FREE. But beware, and always remember the old adage ... Read More »

7 Essential Google Marketing Tools which You Should Use for Your Marketing Efforts

Google Marketing Tools

Google is currently the leading search engine online. However, did you know that there are more to Google than just being a search engine. If you are an internet marketer or perhaps someone who owns an online business, you could take advantage of the various tools offered by Google which could actually help your marketing efforts. Google Tools Which are Helpful for Marketers There are plenty of helpful Google tools which you can use for your marketing efforts. Some of them include the following: Google My Business If you’re in for some free advertising from Google, the Google My Business ... Read More »

Line For PC (Windows 7- 8 | Mac) Free Download | Line : Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Line is an app designed for instant messaging on Smartphones and PCs. By help of this app users can exchange text, video and audio messages, and can even make free calls .It provide the facility to have free audio or video conferences. The line was originally developed as a mobile application for Android and iOS Smartphones only. With the help of line app one can talk to its friend’s and even see them at any point of time. It can support both computer and mobile device, for free voice calling and free video calling. It is available for the users ... Read More »

Fixing the Broken Culture of SEO Metrics

Fixing the Broken Culture of SEO Metrics

Search engine optimization has changed over the years and will continue to evolve whether we like it or not. It is extremely important that we make sure to keep on top of all the new techniques and information or else we run the risk of losing profits and letting our competition win. One of the most recent techniques about SEO has been about how metrics are looked at and how to gauge if your company is on the right track, so let’s take a look at how you should be checking your SEO metrics. What Most of Us Are Doing ... Read More »

5 Reasons why Patients should be active on Social Media


Social Media is now a part of life and platforms like facebook, twitter and tumblr are pretty much penetrated in our lives that it’s pretty much difficult for one to live without it. Patients are no different; they use social media channels from time to time to find out the solution to their problems. Is it worth it for a patient to stay active on social media channels? Patients should be really active on Social Media because that helps them stay connected with their physicians, get the latest information and interact with other patients and swap home remedies. Here are ... Read More »

Getting Successful with Facebook (updated)


Importance of Facebook in blog success Today in these  days if you ask someone , “ dude, what is Facebook?” . He might get shocked and will start thinking how much you are behind the world. In fact he will start to think illiterate etc. So my point is today Facebook has become integral part of our life. We can’t replace it now with anything else. So it’s better for us to think in a way that , how can we make use of Facebook for our website’s online presence. Facebook plays the dual role. Learn here, How to download ... Read More »

What is Robots.txt file and its importance in seo


What Is A Robots.txt File And more importantly – does your site need one ? Throughout the history of the internet , and of computing itself, the notion of privacy and automation has been a significant point to explore. To every rule, specialists know, there is an exception, and the necessity to store the lists of exceptions is crucial for good programming. So this leads us to the idea of the Robots.txt file and its main purpose. You’ve probably often heard lots about the Robots.txt file if you’ve ever been around any people who are good with SEO, or if ... Read More »

Importance of .gov Backlinks For SEO And How To Get Them


How to obtain precious .gov Backlinks : Getting more backlinks for your site is a well-known necessity for SEO purposes. Even the entire method of Link Building is centered around the study and procuring of backlinks for your site. It’s important to know, however , that not all backlinks have the same value – some would guarantee a faster success and better ranking, while others might even harm the reputation of your site in the “eyes” of the search  engines. Further,  backlinks from certain high authority domains such as .gov,.edu and other domains with high PR are more valuable, and we’ll ... Read More »

What is SEO Over-optimization? Does it Get Your Blog Penalized?

over optimization

Is there such a thing as “too much” or “too good to be true” ? Overdoing something or trying too hard is simply in our greedy nature, and it’s not news for the Search Engine Optimization community. Finding out how a concept works inevitably makes some people think that they need to explore its boundaries to the maximum extent, often leading to causing harm to others which were not so overly enthusiastic to begin with. This is exactly what happened several times in the SEO world, with the first times around the early 2000s and the more recent occasions – ... Read More »

How To Remove Unwanted Backlinks ?


Getting rid of the liability of unwanted backlinks Back in the earlier days of Search Engine Optimization and Link Building in particular, it used to be a very commonly shared notion that more backlinks meant better results as far as SEO was concerned. And for a time, it was so … to the point where one could buy dime-a-dozen links which were not particularly related to the site’s niche, but would do the trick. Then came the Google Penguin update or Google also can take manual spam action shattering the illusionary success of many. With it , came the necessity to do ... Read More »

Commonly Used Terms In Blog Monetization And AdSense


Commonly Used Terms In Blog Monetization And AdSense For a better understanding of additional information Monetizing your blog is probably your main concern as you are reading this article. Most of you have already learned the hard way that the road towards success is not an easy one and would require lots of effort on your behalf, namely lots of reading and applying what you’ve read about AdSense. However, most of the sites offer information by assuming you’re very aware of the terms used in them. And if that’s not the case, this article will help give you a better ... Read More »

How To Increase the AdSense CPC Of Your Blog

increase adsense cpc

What is CPC and why increasing it makes more money: Most people rarely think about reading up on ads before they install AdSense on their website. It is only after they find out that it’s not really as profitable as they though, then they start reading lots of different articles on how to work with AdSense. Running ads on your website can be profitable but only if done the right way, and to learn how to do that, one must do their obligatory reading. One of the crucial ways to get more money out of your ads is to explore ... Read More »