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10 Most Decorous WooCommerce Themes for 2015

WooCommerce Themes for 2015

Internet and its utilities have dramatically improved in the past few years. It has amazingly revolutionized businesses across the globe. It includes, tech giant enterprises, education, eCommerce and so forth. From brick and mortar stores to e-stores, online traders have traveled a great distance while reaping the utile benefits of the remarkable developments in the mobile and web realm. And, CMS has amazingly leveraged eCommerce businesses by offering a secure and powerful platform. Indubitably, WooCommerce is an ultimate plugin that empowers a WordPress-enabled website to function as an efficient eCommerce site. For the folks who want to run an attractive ... Read More »

Protect Yourself From Making Bad Choices While Developing WP Themes

Jetpack Custom CSS

A lot of fuss is being made quite lately about as how the “color accent” feature has got removed from the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme. The feature was quite helpful as it allowed theme developers to pick up light colors by personalizing the look and feel of the theme completely. But the option does not exist any more, probably because it also persuaded users to make poor color choices, especially when they have to select very light colors and contrasts. Further, it also added a lot of inline CSS, which isn’t a good practice to follow. While developing a WordPress ... Read More »

Ways to Find Premium WP themes on Lower Cost


WP aka WordPress is not blogging software anymore but it evolved itself to be the most powerful CMS system that people can use to build their professional websites and engage with their targeted audience. There are tons of websites from where you will get free WordPress themes 2015 in order to get started but if you are serious about your business and want to come up with a website that actually engages users and allows them to keep coming back to your website then you probably need to go a little further. There are multiple options once you decide to ... Read More »

Top 10 Best Premium Corporate WordPress Themes 2014

nimble corporate wordpress theme

Top 10 Best Premium Corporate WordPress Themes 2014 In this article we present you selected corporate WordPress themes.In our earlier article we provided WordPress Blog Themes and we got an awesome response from the users.In mean time we have published some awesome magazine themes.So we have come back with 10 latest amazing themes that we have selected to showcase.10 themes may be looking less in number but we promise you that they will be worth your time. Don’t forget to post your valuable feedback. 1.Gamma : Responsive Corporate WordPress theme Gamma WordPress theme is a perfect corporate theme with full loaded ... Read More »

Top 15 premium Magazine WordPress Themes 2014

volt wordpress magazine theme

In this post we are showcasing 15 amazing premium WordPress themes that you would love and will give an additional spark to your website. Just go through them and choose a theme of your choice. Don’t forget to give your most welcomed feedback to improve quality of our blog.  TechNews : TechNews lets you create out of the box high-tech news site in WordPress. If you wish to build a high-traffic, advanced news blog, this is the theme you were looking for! Sider HTML Template : Sider is an html blog template. It features a few short codes, contact form ... Read More »

Top 5 Free Premium Pinterest WordPress Themes


If you try and install one of the top 5 Premium Pinterest WordPress Themes and clones have the potential to increase your website popularity and traffic by the vast amount of 200% . Recently it has been observed that one of the top most expensive domains in the blogging community changed to a Pinterest style and can you guess what the result was? Their revenue skyrocketed due to the fact that traffic increased drastically. We were not the only ones to observe that fact, and because of that, many blog owners are now switching to Premium Pinterest WordPress Themes to ... Read More »

Top 10 Premium Minimalist WordPress Themes

Premium Minimalistic Wordpress Themes

Using the help of the top 10  Premium Minimalist WordPress Themes, you  can improve your blog SEO-wise, because the themes use minimum design and coding When you want to cash in on the traffic generated from search engine results, a.k.a. search engine traffic, you need to have a suitable theme. A theme good for such purposes would be one that relies on less graphics, is readable in all the modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  The perfect way to do that is to use a minimalistic theme. Take a look around in this article, and make your choice. Usual ... Read More »

Top 5 Free Premium Shopify Themes for 2014

shopify themes

If you’ve been following the updates on our site, then you’d know that we’ve recently been preoccupied with finding business WordPress themes and high quality business WordPress themes. Now, we’ve collected some of the best themes for Shopify , for you to install, activate and explore! Shopify is a powerful and still simplistic and easy to use solution for those who want to start online business. It allows you to make your own commerce store, with which you can sell products and services online. You just install Shopify (it’s a piece of cake to do it) , and then choose from ... Read More »

Top 15 Free Corporate WordPress Themes 2014


Top 15 Free Corporate WordPress Themes 2014 Business themes are getting more attention by business professionals. Here we present to you the best collection of  corporate WordPress themes.   WordPress restaurant themes is the our last post which becomes so  much popular in the short duration of time. So here is the another bunch of free WordPress themes 2015 great themes , you will definitely love them…Leave your feedback people. One Touch – Multifunctional Metro Stylish Theme : First of all,congratulations!You are going to see an extraordinary theme.It comes with three different layouts : Magazine,classic and corporate.It contains a customized author info box, a ... Read More »

Top 15 Premium News / Magazine WordPress Themes


Looking to create the best looking news and/or magazine website out there, move no further .. these are some of the best, top-rated WordPress News/Magazine themes you will find. Resportsive – Responsive Sports News Theme A fully responsive sports news WordPress theme featuring a drag-and-drop homepage, eight custom widgets, dynamic social tools and much more! Resportsive gives you the look and feel of a major sports news outlet all in one easy-to-use and highly customizable theme! Demo | Screenshots | Purchase Magnovus – Magazine & News WordPress Theme Magnovus is premium quality WordPress theme for magazines and news sites with ... Read More »

What Is A WordPress Theme Framework?


WordPress theme framework :One theme to make them all WordPress is one of the few platforms to facilitate easy derivation of existing themes and easy redesign and modification. It offers that through the use of child themes, which basically allow you to rewrite the main CSS file and the functions.php file of your existing plugin , allowing you to use a starter theme to get to a better, redesigned theme of your choice. But where do theme frameworks come in the equation?  Theme frameworks are in their essence no different from regular themes, with the exception that they were built ... Read More »