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3 Mistakes That Might Be Making Your Blog Posts Ineffective

Creating content for your own blog can be interesting and fun, and can also give you the sense that you are creating something that expresses your own outlook, experience, opinions and ideas. While there are blogs in every conceivable niche, from those designed to make their owners money to those designed to bring together a community of people with a common interest, there is one thing all blog content writers have in common – they all want their posts to be read and enjoyed.

Mistakes That Might Be Making Your Blog Posts Ineffective

There are lots of ways you can go astray with your blog and end up losing out on traffic, or having a design that doesn’t appeal to your target audience. You can avoid a lot of these ‘big picture’ pitfalls by looking at blog advice on sites like StartABlog123.

However, if you feel you’ve set up your blog well and positioned it correctly, but aren’t getting the reaction you want from your individual posts, you could be making one or more of these mistakes:

Being Too Verbose

If you consider yourself to be a very good writer, or to have really funny jokes you want to put into your posts, it is possible you may end up writing more to showcase your talent than to cover the topic at hand. Unless you are doing something satirical or literary, however, this isn’t always appreciated by readers, who basically just want concise information.

If you find yourself writing extremely long posts about things that could be expressed with far fewer words, you may be getting the ‘TL;DR’ (too long; didn’t read) effect. If you want to write comedy or show off your academic writing skills, make sure you pick the right place – your DIY blog may not be it.

Overly Personal

A personal touch can be nice, and it does no harm to tell the odd relevant anecdote from your life, however unless you are doing a blog specifically about your family, don’t expect your readers to want to wade through paragraphs about your social life or your kids, complete with a full cast of characters (usually given cutesy code names).

This approach expects that your readers have all read other posts on your blog, and makes random visitors to your site feel alienated because they just wanted to read your cake decorating tutorial, and have no idea who Beans and Big Daddy are.

Poor Balance of Images

Images can be important in making your posts more attractive, and even if your content doesn’t actually need an image to clarify or deepen its meaning, it can help to add one for decoration. However, sometimes photos are overused, especially when they are the writer’s own photos.

This can happen a lot with tutorials, food blogs or fashion sites, but almost any kind of blog can fall victim, leaving readers to scroll through about five full size pictures of the same thing from different angles, or the same people in slightly different poses, just to get to the next paragraph. If you want to add lots of pictures like this, it can be better to put just one of them in the text and link to a gallery with more images for if people are interested in seeing them.

These are just three things that can turn new visitors off your content, so if you aren’t getting the responses you want to your posts, ask yourself if you are doing these.

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