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Creating WordPress Child themes for Beginners

creating the child themes

WordPress is one of the most useful and popular blogging platform available today. WordPress uses themes for the design of the blog. We most often buy themes or use some free themes available in the market. There is one more way – Why not create your own WordPress themes. Trust me it’s not that difficult. WordPress themes are basically made of php, html and css. If you know these programming languages its great way to start. What are child themes? Child themes are the theme’s which uses the parent theme functions and has just one file which is the style-sheet ... Read More »

How can I upload file using FTP

ftp transfer

Uploading Files using Filezilla (FTP): Filezilla is and FTP client used to transfer files to remote server and vice-versa. There are many ways to transfer files but Filezilla is most efficient and easy to use. In this tutorial I will show you how to transfer files using Filezilla. Apart from Filezilla we can transfer files using Dreamweaver and many other FTP clients. Step by step tips to file transfer:   Download Filezilla from and install it.  We need to connect it to web server. Fill the 3 fields at the top there. Host is your hosting company eg. ... Read More »

What Is a Basic Difference Between a Blog And a Website


Knowing the difference is key to a better understanding The blog has admittedly been around less time than the website, but has built a somewhat more popular and better name for itself in that time.  Some people have a very hard time understanding the concept of a blog and how different it is from other types of websites, and to clarify that we have created this article, in which we’ll explain the main differences , as well as the basic concept points of a blog.   Some definitions and history first So let’s first start with a definition – what ... Read More »

How To Check Your Site or Blog’s Health

blog health

What makes for a healthy  website : Typically when talking about health, even if not in the literal sense, people think of drastic problems that we cannot overlook. And while website health isn’t exactly like that, it’s a lot similar. The things that count as problems with your website’s health are things you can go without if you just want to have the site on, but are also things which will make your site quite less efficient in  many areas. That’s why people recommend checking for these basic problems.  The efficiency of a certain website can be measured by many ... Read More »

How To Turn Google Personalized Search Off?


How To Turn Google Personalized Search Off?A step-by-step guide for those  who don’t need it anymore Google has been trying to improve its search functionality ever since it started out in the business. Most of the improvements it has brought to search engines are invaluable for searching in the modern world, and have forced their competitors to adapt similar technologies. However, one of the features of the Google search engine, which Google introduced as early as 2004 was personalized search. It has benefits, and it has lots of disadvantages, so here we will introduce it and give you ways to ... Read More »

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?


What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?Do you really need it ? When you first decide to build your website, one of the very first things you start pondering are what type of hosting account you will need. And the options are endless – you can host it on a local machine, which is really a choice for very few people. You can order shared hosting if your needs for bandwidth for example aren’t so high. Or you can go with the dedicated hosting option, or even a cloud hosting option. Learning which one is best can be troublesome for some people ... Read More »

What is Google DFP?


What is Google DFP?More information about the latest in ad delivery Monetizing a site has always been a top priority for many webmasters and blog owners – it’s a good steady income if done right, it pays the bills for hosting and gives you the rewarding taste of the fact that your labor has given fruit, your content is good enough to generate enough viewers, and now you’re not only paying for your site, your site Is paying you. However that cannot happen without advertising or sales, and for the topic of this article , we will discuss a new ... Read More »

What is Google Zeitgeist And What Are Its Features


Google Zeitgeist : Exploring the significant parts of each year Much can change in just a year, and for a vast and colorful world like ours, lots of things can rise and fall out of fame, cause interest and eventually get forgotten. That’s why we often try to summarize years at their very end – you see that on every type of public media we have – from newspapers to television stations worldwide. But what about the Internet ?  Here’s where Google Zeitgeist comes in.  Google Zeitgeist was first launched in the distant 2001, as an attempt of Google to ... Read More »

What is Google Personalized Search ?


Is Personalized search really useful? It’s not a secret that Google has been changing its algorithm a lot since they first started as a search engine. And with millions of users who want to find results relevant to their searches, innovation is necessary to keep the top place in business. With the many innovations Google has brought throughout the years came Google Personalized Search. To understand it better, we recommend reading the article below to find the two viewpoints behind the functionality of this searching feature. So what is it exactly ? Well to answer that question, we must take ... Read More »

The Difference Between Div id and Div class And When You Should Use Them


Understanding the notion behind selectors: If you’ve reached this page, there’s a high chance you have some idea of how CSS works. The idea behind Cascading Style Sheets – that style can be defined for certain elements or sets of elements, without having to include attributes to your HTML code all the time and making it unreadable and hard to decipher. But still, CSS has to rely on something to know how and where to apply the style changes. And to understand how to do that properly, you must understand the difference between div id and div class.  So what are ... Read More »

Most Popular Blogging Platforms


Most Popular Blogging Platforms : Choosing a home for your blog : In this day and age of information technology, it would be unwise , time and cost consuming and in any way stupid to try to reinvent the wheel. Using Dreamweaver, you can create your own website but it may take more time to understand working of Dreamweaver.  So if you’ve thought about coding a blog (or asking someone to do it for you), you’d better try some of the most popular platforms first. There’s a high chance you’ll find everything you might have needed already incorporated into them, ... Read More »

How to create WordPress Plugin Tutorial

wordpress plugins

Taking the initial steps towards plugin creation Needless to say, plugins are the easiest solution to most of our needs , which are not already in WordPress. And nowadays, there’s a plugin for everything – from the things that are most necessary to those which are just plain ridiculous. But even the simple fact that they exist is astonishing – it means that WordPress has added a unique way for everyone willing and knowledgeable to expand its functionality. And that can be used to our advantage, if we were to have any particular needs – we can write a plugin ... Read More »

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