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How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress?

How to add contact form in wordpress

Whether you are planning on launching a simple blog, a business website or an e-commerce store using WordPress, you would certainly need a ‘Contact Us’ page to let your visitors interact with you. And it is always recommended to use a contact form on your “Contact Us” page rather than displaying your email address publicly to prevent spam. Of course, WordPress offers an assortment of plugins to add a contact form to your website. However, there are many WordPress developers who prefer writing their own code instead of using and configuring a pre-made plugin. Therefore, today in this article, we ... Read More »

Why you Should use Magento for making your E-commerce Site?

Open Source Platform

In the current scenario, WordPress has become one of the most dominating platforms for developing different types of websites. It lets you build anything – from a content website, photography site, e-magazine based site to an eCommerce site. Its ample range of themes and plugins helps you build customized site, without any coding skill. But when we thing about fully-fledged online store, Magento is the first option that comes to our mind. WordPress is a versatile platform, but Magento is a solely developed for selling products and services through an online store. Magento is claimed to the perfect platform for ... Read More »

How you should Get started to Become a Professional WordPress Developer

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WordPress is evolved as a fully featured development platform in past few years. It was just considered as a blogging tool at the time of its starting. Since then it has grown as the most popular Content Management System of the recent time. It is extremely easy to use and provides you a great flexibility. Moreover, it is customization ready. All these things make it a preferred choice for the developers around the world. Its continuous increasing popularity opens the new gates of opportunity for them who want to pursue a career in WordPress development. Those who are thinking to ... Read More »

3 Mistakes That Might Be Making Your Blog Posts Ineffective

Mistakes That Might Be Making Your Blog Posts Ineffective

Creating content for your own blog can be interesting and fun, and can also give you the sense that you are creating something that expresses your own outlook, experience, opinions and ideas. While there are blogs in every conceivable niche, from those designed to make their owners money to those designed to bring together a community of people with a common interest, there is one thing all blog content writers have in common – they all want their posts to be read and enjoyed. There are lots of ways you can go astray with your blog and end up losing ... Read More »

How Bloggers Can Save Money on Web Hosting

How Bloggers Can Save Money on Web Hosting

Personal blog sites have grown exponentially in recent years and the trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. But if you have your own blog site, or are thinking of starting one, you should be aware that they can and do cost money to start and maintain. Any website, from the biggest corporation to the single-page blog run by an individual, needs to have a host in order to appear on the web and the question is how to save money on web hosting fees. Free Web Hosting Yes, FREE. But beware, and always remember the old adage ... Read More »

How to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google Rankings

How to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google Rankings

Blogger is an amazing option for those who are just starting with their blog. There is no risk, as one can test how the results are coming up. Although it provides many features like choosing from a template, multilingualism, iOS and Android apps; it still misses the advanced features. So when you are ready to go with your own blog WordPress is the best option. The main question that arises is, “What about my rankings?” Well that is thoughtful and fortunately there is a solution to that. Before moving to the HOW TO DO IT part, let us know the ... Read More »

How To Find A Really Good WordPress Web Developer

WordPress Web Developer

Nowadays, WordPress stands out as the most popular of all the CMS systems available. It is free and brings in the possibility to basically have the exact website design that you want. All that you have to do is hire a developer that is experienced and the site will be perfect. The problem is that there are so many developers that it is really hard to choose one that is good for you. Obviously, most of them are not good and you want to be sure that the work done for you is of the quality that you need. In ... Read More »

How To Get A Website Service Up And Running From Scratch

How To Get A Website Service Up And Running From Scratch

So, you’ve got a great idea for a website service. Congratulations! Perhaps you are going to save the world, or disrupt a market enough to change it forever. We’re confident you can do it – but you have to build it first. Building a website service is a complicated business. Not only do you have to have the technical nous to build it – which can cost a lot of time and money. But you also have to get people to use it. Without users and engagement, your that money and time will all have been for nothing. So, to ... Read More »

Your Handy Guide on Displaying Posts From third Level sub Categories in WordPress


Content segregation is a vital aspect of every website and blog. Thanks to the high-performance content management system i.e. WordPress it has become convenient to categorize your posts in accordance to a specific topic/idea. The only downside associated with WordPress is that it currently doesn’t provide you any easy method for displaying subcategories. If you’re a beginner in WordPress, then this problem will undoubtedly rack your brains. Well, this is a post focused on understanding the basic issue associated with the third level sub-categories in WordPress and how you can display posts from these third level sub-categories. Digging deep into ... Read More »

How Essential Is SSL Certificate for Securing Your WordPress Site?


It becomes imperative to keep your WordPress website secure and safe. You heard about the assorted cyber attacks news. However, with the help of SSL certificate, you can keep your site protected with ease. With this, you can keep your website’s data secure from the hackers and other technical mishaps. In fact, this allows your web users to share information to your site through encrypted transfer protocols. Security Technology: SSL Connection Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a trustable security technology, used for setting up an encrypted link between the web server and a browser. The main purpose of SSL is ... Read More »

What Helps The WordPress CMS Buttress Mobile Application

WordPress CMS Buttress Mobile Application

It would be too mainstream to say that WordPress is a great web development tool, but it has to be said that its incredibly useful features make it the most preferred CMS across the globe. The most interesting thing to note about this platform is that while allowing you to run almost any type of website, it also offers a riveting way to captivate a wider group of audience with an intriguing mobile solution. Wondering how? Yes! Surprisingly, you can create appealing and intriguing mobile applications with WordPress. In this mobile age, the significance of a mobile presence in eminent. ... Read More »

7 Simple tips on Designing an intuitive Mobile UI

Mobile UI

It’s not just coding, but even user interface designing is greatly affected by best practices. The better the user interface of your mobile app, more will be your chances of grabbing the attention of targeted audience. In today’s high-paced world, customers are free to choose from hundreds of thousands of mobile applications that can be easily found on different app stores like Google Play, App Store and many more. Hence, in order to make your app stand out, it is critical to equip your app with a highly intuitive user interface which can please the customers on an instant basis. ... Read More »