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How Bloggers Can Save Money on Web Hosting

Personal blog sites have grown exponentially in recent years and the trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. But if you have your own blog site, or are thinking of starting one, you should be aware that they can and do cost money to start and maintain. Any website, from the biggest corporation to the single-page blog run by an individual, needs to have a host in order to appear on the web and the question is how to save money on web hosting fees.

Free Web Hosting

Yes, FREE. But beware, and always remember the old adage “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. You can find free web host sites for your blog with a little research but be aware that they may not deliver all that they promise and there could be hidden charges which is hardly the same as being free!

While so-called free hosting may suit if you are starting with your first blogs, there are a number of drawbacks to consider should your blog increase in popularity, which is probably what you aspire to.

Choice of Domain Name. While some hosts will allow you to retain or create your own blog title, others will charge a so-called “nominal fee” for this privilege.

Limited Resources. In order to make more money, free web hosts usually have thousands of small blog sites crammed onto one server. The end result is that disk space and bandwidth are severely curtailed for their “free” members. As your blog grows in content and popularity, being limited to a few hundred web pages or a nominal amount of daily hits will seriously hamper your blog’s growth potential.

Web Instability. You can hardly complain to your host if their server goes down and goes down frequently. As a non-paying member, there is no recourse should you lose valuable hours, days or weeks of exposure or if your content is lost due to lack of server space.

Renewal and Hidden Fees. This is where so-called Free-Hosting proves to be a total misnomer. While the hosting service itself may be free of charge, there are usually charges for script set-up and file back-up which will vary from host to host. The final insult comes with the annual renewal costs. The service may be free for the first twelve months but the cost of renewing your subscription can be extraordinarily high for such a limited service.

How Bloggers Can Save Money on Web Hosting

Paid Web Hosting

Yes, I agree! Free does sound a lot better than paying for web hosting but there are numerous advantages to paying for the service.

  • Quicker page loading
  • Unlimited storage and web pages
  • Free installation of WordPress
  • Round the clock support for problems with your site
  • Ability to have numerous websites
  • Bigger, better servers and more stability

To Pay or Not to Pay

Clearly, to save money on web hosting you cannot do much better than a free service but that comes with in-built drawbacks. Which option is best for your blog totally depends on your intentions. If you are just starting out and want a friendly little site as a hobby then the free web-hosting service is probably sufficient for your needs. Just be aware of the possible little extra charges that can crop up and the limitations on memory and number of pages you are allowed.

If, however, your goal is global domination or you simply want to make a few dollars from your site then paying for a reliable service with unlimited storage and faster page loading times is a must. We recommend using a service like InterServer or Hostgator when starting out and you can even find some coupons to get a better deal at places like

However, paying for a decent web host is not as expensive as you may think. Web hosting services can be found for a few dollars a month but, as with everything else in life, check the small print to see exactly what you are getting for your money.

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