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How you should Get started to Become a Professional WordPress Developer

WordPress is evolved as a fully featured development platform in past few years. It was just considered as a blogging tool at the time of its starting. Since then it has grown as the most popular Content Management System of the recent time. It is extremely easy to use and provides you a great flexibility. Moreover, it is customization ready.

All these things make it a preferred choice for the developers around the world. Its continuous increasing popularity opens the new gates of opportunity for them who want to pursue a career in WordPress development.

Those who are thinking to become a professional WordPress Developer should start with dedication. As You are getting started in this direction take care of the below-given factors:

Start with the Technology

The first thing you need to do in order to be a Professional WordPress Developer is to learn the technology. Although WordPress is extremely user-friendly, it needs the technical knowledge to be a master in WordPress. It is based on PHP and MySQl. You need to learn these with best possible practical knowledge. Some outdated dated tutorials are not going to help for this. Strat a full course, online or offline depending on you. Try to get familiar with the WordPress structure. Explore the WordPress codebase and try to understand how things work. So if you are aware of the technology then you can enjoy easy success as a WordPress developer.

Connect to ”Make WordPress”

It provides you an easy chance to understand the WordPress technology. It is a blog run by the WordPress core  development team. So many discussions keep on going on Make WordPress. You can find regular updates on ongoing and upcoming features of WordPress. It is great as a starter to follow these discussions and develop as much as understanding you can.

 make wordpress

WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex is a complete collection of WordPress knowledge. Referring to Codex will

help to improve your development skills. Focus on the  WordPress interface as an end user. You can start reading with detailed information on a function or setting up a multisite installation.

As a starter, you can not afford to ignore WordPress Codex.

WordPress TV

WordPress organize events around the globe known as WordCamps. It is great to be at These camps. However, if you can not get along with these camps you can turn up to WordPress TV.

All the WordCamp videos are uploaded here. You can easily search a video for a particular topic and watch the presentation, it can help you much more than just a reading.

WordPress Blogs

start a blog

Try to discover some best blogs on WordPress.  Subscribe to these blog feeds and read them regularly.

Post your queries to the authors in the comment section. It is good to explore as much as you can.

Learn about Ajax in WordPress

You may have the knowledge of Ajax, but it may be used differently in WordPress. Try to learn the use of Ajax in WordPress. You can go through different tutorials to gain some experience in it.

Try to know about the WordPress APIs

One more thing you can do is to explore the list of available APIs on WordPress Codex. Try to experiment with the API after reading the information available on them. 

Learn about WordPress PHP classes

There is a whole list of classes created by the WordPress developers. Try to Familiarize yourself with this list. Learn using them in your own experiments. It is important to learn attentively about WP_Theme and WP_Query.

Learn to Write Bug-Free code

Develop the habit of writing a bug-free code. It is one of the most important factors in becoming a professional WordPrssess developer.

Understand about the Use of Plugins and Themes

You can not complete an effective WordPress development be it a blog or a website, without using a theme and a plugin. They just enhance the  overall performance of a WordPress site. Before using them you must be aware of the fact that a theme improves the look and feel of a site and plugin improves its functionality.

WordPress is not considered too hard to work with, still you need be good at the basics. Learn about the associated technologies and try to explore as much as you can. Every bit of knowledge gained with concentration can lead you to become a successful WordPress Developer.

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