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Designing Your Own homepage in Dreamweaver CC


Giving the title for your website : The title is a text or keywords which tell search engines about the information contained on that particular page. Tile is given in head section of the webpage. In Dreamweaver you can give the title by simply inserting text in the title box provided in top window. Give a suitable and meaningful title for your homepage. Creating layout by using HTML tags : Now we have almost done all the necessary things . We are heading towards actually designing our webpage as per our layout. You may finding this tutorials broad but I ... Read More »

How to install Dreamweaver on Windows xp,7 and 8

installing dreamweaver

How to install Dreamweaver on Windows xp,7 and 8 What is Adobe Dreamweaver : Developing your website with Dreamweaver is best best way to create a website.You can create any  custom website using Dreamweaver.Dreamweaver consists many pre-build languages such as php,html,jQuery,xml etc.The main advantage of Dreamweaver is that you require very less or almost no knowledge of coding.It’s just like a drag and drop system.You just have to use it and coding is generated automatically. If you are thinking to design a custom website Dreamweaver is for you.So go ahead and install this amazing Adobe Dreamweaver. is the only ... Read More »