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Rising Trends in Business Analytics 2016

2016 is still fresh, but we have seen, and will continue to see big changes and advancement in the world of business analytics. New methods and software for data mining and analysis continue to emerge to offer the business community an added edge in the coming years. So what are we poised to see in the remaining months of 2016?

Data Analysts Will Continue to be Kings of the Business World

Data analysts will remain influential and continue its quest to impact the business community in innumerable ways. As one Harvard Business Review article christened a data analytics the “sexiest job of the 21st century”, business analysts are bound to command more respect from across the board.

This prediction partly bases its facts on the increased demand for data analysts; a glowing report revealed that, in 2014, the demand for Python skilled programmers increased nearly tenfold to an incredible tune of 96%. If this trend continues, we are going to see systems analysts and IR scientists gain more and more popularity in the course of 2016.

With better and more advanced business analytics tools, BA experts are bound to make greater contributions to companies.

More collaboration between operational teams and IT experts

The inherent cooperation between the “rest of the office” and the IT people is not a new phenomenon, and it isn’t going to stop in 2015. In fact, many anticipate more integration between IT department and “line of business,” the relatively untechy lot. This phenomenon is going to open further the world of enterprise data analytics to more employees and management alike. In 2016, business analysts will at the center of this cooperation, contributing even more to the advancement of business science.

Geospatial: the future of analytics?

Towards the end of 2015, there was a greater call for a better and an ideal geospatial and location tools. Business wants to utilize these analytic tools to better its market intelligence and eventually see it bottom line soar. Location tactics like store placement and “drive-time” analysis made a memorable impression last, and is bound to make a fully-fledged break in 2016.

Cloud-Drive Business Analytics

The fact that cloud computing is here to stay is now commonplace in the business community; with subsequent entry of new and robust cloud-based data analytics in 2015, we expect that more business intelligence will get on the cloud bandwagon in 2016.

Many companies are adopting Cloud services to host all kinds of robust data analytics services. For instance, Salesforce is centered on CRM, a powerful feature that most business analysts utilize. Others are hoping on the Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure along with other Cloud sources that provide scalability and responsive handling of data.

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