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Top 6 Plugins Every Blog Owner Should Have

wordpress plugin

Those who want to get more out of wordpress must need the top 6 plugins free but premium functionality that we are going to discuss here. Whether you have a blog set up now or you’re planning on setting one up, there’s probably a good chance that you’re going to use the WordPress platform.  Well, as you probably already know, there are thousands upon thousands of plugins that are available out there.  These plugins can help your blog’s performance, look and even add features that make your blog more functional.  Whatever the case may be, there are six plugins that ... Read More »

Top 5 Premium WordPress Auto-Backlink Plugins

Wordpress auto Backlinks plugin

Top 5 Premium WordPress Auto-Backlink Plugins: In order to increase the traffic of blog all blogger need do-follow links and with help of Top rated Premium WordPress Backlink Plugins listed here you can easily improve you SEO. Now a days Google is continuously changing its search algorithms and also added Google Panda and Penguin to remove low quality content from their search database. To increase your site quality and off page optimization you must have some responsive Premium Auto Backlink WordPress Plugins which can help you to boost your ranking and also make your impression as high quality site in google, Since ... Read More »

Top Essential Plugins for WordPress Multisite

top wordpress multisite plugins

To Manage Multisite on wordpress platform you need lots of works but with help of this good Essential plugins and tools you can make your task easy be relax. Best WordPress Multisite Plugins :- If you wordpress user and owning multiple sites of same or different categories then you must found yourself in trouble for some task. But fortunately wordpress comes with hundreds of plugins and widgets which makes it easy to even manage different blogs from same networks. Simply install any or all plugins listed below and get juice of mutisites on same wordpress admin panel. WP Recent Network ... Read More »

Top Testimonials Widgets Plugins in WordPress

Wordpress Testimonial Plugins

Testimonials of your clients is good thing to show customer sanctification but most of time problem is where to find widgets or Plugins which you can use in your wordpress or blogger blog platform with Rotating or Random mode. If you are running e-commerce or corporate wordpress site and want to monetize and enrich your user experience then you should follow few steps. Like Having strong design of blog, Well written content to get first look of visitors, highly effective offers to increase conversions offers and feature of your products or services, good contact forms and finally you should also ... Read More »

Top 10 Premium, WordPress Menus Plugins


Top 10 WordPress Premium Menus Plugins: This is a list of the Top and Premium Plugins which can give your WordPress blog a new , shining and fresh look. UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin   A simple yet highly customizable plugin, Uber Menu is both user friendly and with many options to tinker with. You’d be amazed to find out that it works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu System. So if you need a Mega Menu WordPress plugin, this is one of your options   WP Sticky Menu Plugin     Sticky Menu Plugin allows ... Read More »

Top 10 Premium, WordPress Membership Plugins


Best Premium WordPress Membership Plugins : 5sec Link Remover make money with your blog – show links only to registered/paying users append affiliate codes to links show different links to different types of users create a link gateway – push all your links trough one URL , ideal for measuring outgoing clicks modify all existing links in all your posts with just a few clicks take full control over links in your posts, pages, custom post types and text widgets define how various user groups see links and if they see them at all remove links completely turn links into ... Read More »

Top 5 Article Plugins That will surely Boost Your Blog Traffic


Five  Promising Article Plugins to Boost WordPress Blog : There is number of WordPress plugins available in the market as per your need. Some of those plugins are become compulsory for every blogger. Many bloggers are unaware of special functionality of different plugins. We always been tried to categorized  plugins as per their function like here we have explained Top 5 Premium Auto backlink WordPress Plugins. So take a look, here we are explaining top 5 plugins which will definitely boost your blog traffic. Special Recent Posts PRO - It’s a powerful plugin for WordPress which provide the feature of ... Read More »

How To Recover From Google’s Penguin Update


Google makes us learn the hard way Anyone in the SEO business felt as if they were struck by a lightning in late April 2012, when Google introduced their Penguin update. The Penguin update altered the way the algorithm for ranking pages worked, as well as the detection of pages which were fraudulently over-optimized, according to Google. After months and months of SEO campaigns, many saw their website’s positions skyrocketing down to unimaginable oblivion, and people soon began to discuss taking countermeasures and doing damage control. To learn how to do exactly that, we have prepared this article.  In its ... Read More »

A WPtouch Pro – Easily Making a Mobile Interface for Your Site


A WPtouch Pro – Easily Making a Mobile Interface for Your Site : It Might Not Be That Hard to Conquer the Mobile Market With The Help of WPtouch ! It’s no secret that designing for tablets and mobile devices has become necessary in order to survive in the harsh web world today. The demand for mobile optimized sites is growing every day, and some visitors will just not revisit your site if it’s not mobile compliant. Sure , you can hire someone to do the redesigning for you , but is there a simpler way of doing it yourself ... Read More »

11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site


11 wordpress plugins to make your site Mobile-Frienly : Internet users that browse using mobile are growing exponentially.Its a need of today to make your site mobile friendly.If you are not paying attention to this you are either annoying your users or losing them permanently.Here we have come with 11 plugins that make your site mobile friendly.Some plugins are premium while some are absolutely free.Have a close look towards them and choose the best one for you. Advantage of using These Plugins : First it helps your users with a clean mobile design.Secondly plugins like WPtouch Pro support adsense ads ... Read More »

Floating Social Media buttons for WordPress Blog


Floating Social Media buttons for WordPress Blog What makes WordPress stand out is its ability to adjust with numerous useful plugins which make our life easier using them.Earlier when you or your visitor wanted to share something from your blog they needed to copy and paste your url on social media sites.If not these there used be a lot of complicated coding to add these buttons to you blog. Nowadays you may be seeing floating social media buttons on almost every blog.IF you are new to it we will show you how to add floating social buttons on your blog.Slick ... Read More »

All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO


All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO : Clearly, both would make our lives easier. But which one is better? WordPress, being one of the most popular platforms for blogging and content management, has a team of specialists that have already bother to cover the basics of search engine optimization. Nevertheless, when we need more options to customize, we resort to using plugins of various sorts to help us with our tasks. One could say that in this case, one of the contestants, namely Yoast’s WordPress plugin is the newcomer, while All in One SEO is the “old-and-gold” ... Read More »

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