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11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site


11 wordpress plugins to make your site Mobile-Frienly : Internet users that browse using mobile are growing exponentially.Its a need of today to make your site mobile friendly.If you are not paying attention to this you are either annoying your users or losing them permanently.Here we have come with 11 plugins that make your site mobile friendly.Some plugins are premium while some are absolutely free.Have a close look towards them and choose the best one for you. Advantage of using These Plugins : First it helps your users with a clean mobile design.Secondly plugins like WPtouch Pro support adsense ads ... Read More »

Floating Social Media buttons for WordPress Blog


Floating Social Media buttons for WordPress Blog What makes WordPress stand out is its ability to adjust with numerous useful plugins which make our life easier using them.Earlier when you or your visitor wanted to share something from your blog they needed to copy and paste your url on social media sites.If not these there used be a lot of complicated coding to add these buttons to you blog. Nowadays you may be seeing floating social media buttons on almost every blog.IF you are new to it we will show you how to add floating social buttons on your blog.Slick ... Read More »

All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO


All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO : Clearly, both would make our lives easier. But which one is better? WordPress, being one of the most popular platforms for blogging and content management, has a team of specialists that have already bother to cover the basics of search engine optimization. Nevertheless, when we need more options to customize, we resort to using plugins of various sorts to help us with our tasks. One could say that in this case, one of the contestants, namely Yoast’s WordPress plugin is the newcomer, while All in One SEO is the “old-and-gold” ... Read More »

Top 5 Premium WordPress Slider Plugins


Best Premium WordPress Slider Plugins: Sliders have become so commonplace that you can see them nearly anywhere, on each and every blog. They’re not so hard to implement, and they give you the unique opportunity to display featured posts on a visible place. To get your own, take a look at the 5 best Sliders WordPress Plugin. WordPress 360º Image Slider Plugins :   The WP 360 º Image Slider is a plugin that easily adds a highly configurable slider to either your posts or pages. WordPress Thumbnail Scroller Plugin : This premium WordPress Plugin is all you need to ... Read More »

How to Get More Twitter Followers


Tips for increasing the number we care most about : It may not always be about numbers, and we all know that count is not what defines you as a popular and accomplished person on Twitter, but it does have some psychological effect as well as some actual benefits on our efforts. Having more Twitter followers gives you an image of authority, expands your social reach to others and might even increase your potential for sales and promotion – those are the main reasons to look for a higher follower count. But how do we do it ?  Let’s begin ... Read More »

5 Free Pinterest WordPress Plugins


Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins : Pinterest is one of the latest additions in the internet’s social network platform market, expanding ever so rapidly in usage. Follow us here to get more updates from us on our Pinterest profile. And in this post I’ll introduce some exclusively free Pinterest WordPress plugins. In its essence, Pinterest is not so different from Facebook or Twitter with their Share and Re- tweet options, however the difference is that it is shaped like a virtual pin board on which you “pin” things. Pinterest is quite a good tool when it comes to organizing all ... Read More »

Top 10 Premium WordPress Advertising Plugins


Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins for Advertising: It’s easy to make money with WordPress, but not always you got the right tools by your hand, here is a list of top 10 top-rated WordPress Advertising Plugins that should help you get started. Simple String     The plugin is simply great and have automated payment system.You don’t have to worry about payments.Apart from these you dont have to pay any sort of commissions to advertising companies as you have direct contact with advertisers.     WP Pre Advertisement     If you priority is earning more money this plugin is ... Read More »

W3 Total Cache Plugin : Speed Up Your Website


W3 Total Cache Plugin  : Speed Up Your Website: Avoid annoying users with longer wait times, using this plugin : Ever been on a website that takes so long to load, you actually feel like closing it after 10 seconds? Some people might be used to slower internet connections and slower load times, but you shouldn’t rely on that. Every visitor you’ve lost this way can translate to sales losses if you run an online business, which basically means that you’re losing money and interest on your website, all because it takes too long to load. That is a problem ... Read More »

WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Blog Highly Secure


Security is paramount for a good blog :    One might think that hacker attacks require extreme intelligence, and knowledge beyond borders. And that is true, but only when the site has good security. If a site is not so well on the security front, it can be hijacked by hackers in no time, with minimal effort. Finding a way to protect your site is necessary if it’s very popular and you worry that it might become a potential target.  Yet not all of us are security experts, so what do we do to protect our sites  and blogs ?  ... Read More »

5 Most Essential SEO Plugins for WordPress


Most Essential WordPress Plugins for 2012 : The plugins good bloggers don’t go without : WordPress is the leader when it comes to blogging and it has a significant position in the blogging systems market.  In the Technorati Top 100 blogs, 47 run some sort of WordPress installation , even though it’s highly modified to suit their needs., the home page of the system, hosts nearly 19 thousand different plugins!  So now that the staggering statistics have confirmed that WordPress plugins are rich in variety, we have to find the ones that are essential for the running of a ... Read More »

Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins for 2014


Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins for 2014 : The latest in making your web platform easier by Plugins: Often times people wonder what is it that makes WordPress such a popular platform all over the Web.  And while many factors like a good community and a simple installer contribute to its popularity, my best guess is that it’s the quality of the Plugins released for WordPress that make it a preferred option. Lots of those plugins can help you set up an amazing site, with little or no worries about the actual technical side of the problem. It’s always a ... Read More »

Top 5 WordPress Affiliate Plugins


The widespread popularity of the WordPress has made it the first choice of affiliate marketers who have now started using it extensively for making affiliate marketing websites. The biggest benefit of WordPress is the easy availability of “plugins” that help you in extending its functionality, enabling it to much more for you. You can use WordPress for creating quite impressive and highly targeted niche websites for promoting affiliate products or for generating AdSense revenues. There are many WordPress affiliate plugins that you can find on the Internet. The best WordPress affiliate plugins can help you in easily getting big traffic ... Read More »