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All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO

All in One SEO Pack vs Yoast’s WordPress SEO :

Clearly, both would make our lives easier. But which one is better?

WordPress, being one of the most popular platforms for blogging and content management, has a team of specialists that have already bother to cover the basics of search engine optimization. Nevertheless, when we need more options to customize, we resort to using plugins of various sorts to help us with our tasks. One could say that in this case, one of the contestants, namely Yoast’s WordPress plugin is the newcomer, while All in One SEO is the “old-and-gold” option, and even though it’s so, Yoast has a lot of features that could make it the favorite.

In interest of a fair review, we’ll start by examining each plugin by itself


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Yoast’s WordPress SEO

The first thing the administrator notices after installing this plugin is the rather nice tour that the plugin offers. This allows someone who uses the plugin to familiarize themselves with the functionality at the first run, which is important to anyone with little or no technical background.

After the rather easy installation, a user can use the regular settings which are included in All in One SEO Pack – Meta description, tags and other regular SEO features. But  the real highlight of Yoast’s plugin are several important features :

  • Yoast has a widget in the  Post Edit screen which will tell you how your posts look to search engine crawlers. Sometimes it’s easy to spot when you’re clearly lacking optimization because of that feature
  • Yoast supports breadcrumbs – this is a user interface expert’s term, which is easiest to explain as a navigation trail. You’ve seen one in many sites, it looks somewhat like this “Home > Products > Calculators”
  • Yoast has a diagnostic tool called Page Analysis , which will tell you what your common mistakes are regarding SEO on that page. This is invaluable for easy and fast on-page optimization.

Among the other features of Yoast are XML sitemaps and an ability to access and edit .htaccess and robots.txt from the admin panel. While that is a feature which is not really important at first glance, newbies in web site administration might find it more useful than connecting to the FTP server, downloading the file , editing it and uploading it again.


All In One SEO Pack :

The “old dog” in this competition is installed a tad bit easier than Yoast, and it’s configured from one single page. While this might be considered a minus for some, it’s rather intuitive and allows the administrator to edit everything at once. It supports canonical URLs, entering meta information or setting defaults , so that the description could be taken from the content itself.

Being easy to set up and use, the thing that might set people away from this plugin is probably the fact that it’s driven by ads, if you’re not using the proprietary, paid version. In that regard, some might decide to buy it , and enjoy tech support, while others, supporters of free software, might discard it.

Comparison and conclusion :

If it’s rather obvious that Yoast has more features, why use All In One SEO Pack anyway ? Obviously because feature count is not the only thing that matters , not only in this case , but with any piece of software. Some of the features of Yoast can be added with other plugins just as easily, but some people might like it if they come with this plugin. On the other hand, minimalist may prefer All In One SEO pack, because it provides the basics, in a way that’s easy to set up. The decision is up to you, but Yoast still remains the software with the higher feature count.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I have been using All in one SEO for a few years on my own site, but wanted to check on the differences before choosing one for my new site. I’ll give Yoast a try.

  2. What’s also good from the Yoast plugin, is that you can easily configure rel=author so your Google + pic shows up in the search results.

  3. Recently i shifted from all in SEO to yoast and need a help regarding its setting thanks for these useful tips.

  4. Lately, some of my sites that used to rank very well in search engines have disappeared or pushed down.

    I am not sure what it is, but I am considering redoing the SEO. I have All in One SEO plugin installed on my sites. I am wondering if switching to Yoast would make any difference. Thanks for the comparison between the two.

  5. LOTS of problems with this plugin. It messed up my website when installed. I uninstalled and my website is fine now. Someone needs to check this SEO with flash on a website, complete mess.

  6. A few months ago I installed All In One SEO on two websites, which were already ranking at the top on Google for the most relevant words. With one of them it worked fine. The other one just disappeared from Google. The main page was no longer to be found there at all. Only a few weeks after having uninstalled AIOSEO, it reappeared and soon was number one again. I still don’t understand what happened. Any suggestions?

  7. This article is very good, and informative. It gives good advice but still allows you to make your own decision. If I can just add to it from the perspective of someone who does SEO on WordPress. I have used both plugins; all in one and Yoast. My advice would be:
    If you have a site using AIO and you’re happy with it’s ranking, leave it alone, keep AIO on the site, and continue to do what you do. I found with a test site I used when I swapped to Yoast the site dropped dramatically.
    However, if you are putting an seo plug in on a site for the first time then go straight to Yoast as it’s exceptionally easy to use and gives good rankings.
    if you’re new to SEO then Yoast is definately the plug in to use as the ‘traffic light’ system tells you easily how you’re getting on.
    I run sites with AIO seo and others with Yoast on; both platforms work exceptionally well but I’d say Yoast gets results quicker, and is more user friendly.

  8. i have used both plugins on by both of the sites i found that aioseo is much simple wheres yoast is a bit complex for new good thing about yoast i liked the most is that it gives the preview

  9. I am using AIO but considering switching to Yoast after reading the post. Is it possible to configure Yoast so metadata of existing pages and posts don’t change?

  10. from my side you are right yost seo is better then the all in seo.
    it has many features that the all in seo pack doesn’t have like keyword analysis and key word suggestion’s,
    but it is bit difficult for new bewwies

  11. Portal Berita Online

    i like all in seo pack

  12. Right,but all in one is also good..but less in feature as compared to yoast seo plugin.

  13. I was using all in one but now i switched to yoast.All in one is good but it doesn’t work for me. My site is based on categories not on individual post so,yoast work great for me because i can write title & description of each of my category whereas in all in one i can’t write.yoast also offers XML sitemaps which include category in sitemap which is quite beneficial for me.

  14. Since i use framework based theme (thesis) i don’t need this my theme has all the necessary SEO options that these plugins have. But before using framework based theme i used to use All in One SEO Pack plugin. Those who don’t have framework based theme it would be good for them to use yoast seo plugin or All in One SEO Pack :)

  15. I have used both plugins and yoast is definitely much complex and much flexible. With all i one seo i couldn’t set different titles for each language. While with yoast that is possible and easy to do.

  16. I like All in One SEO because it has the basic function that every blogger should consider for SEO purposes.

  17. I prefer SEO by yoast but All in One SEO is very simple and user friendly on other hand.

  18. I have been convinced that Yoast is better so I loaded it on a site but now I don’t know what to do with it!
    I understand Yoast has lessons on it but from a brief view it seems time consuming as to how to set it up for best seo.
    Is there a yoast “cheat sheet” that gives you the best practices that a newbie can just set and use until such time as he has more time to devote to really learning the complexities of it?

    Also how does this compare to using something like ClickBump theme which has seo built in to it for adsense?

  19. I have been using AIOSEO for years on all of my sites, but after looking into it further and reading this review (as well as several others) I think I’m going to give Yoasts a try. It sounds very interesting and has a lot of features that should help me. I still suck at SEO, so I need all the help I can get. I’ll report back with my findings!

  20. We have been using all in one seo pack since 3 years. I think all in one seo pack is easier to use.

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