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Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid :

Learning these early could help you in the long run:

Practices in SEO change very rapidly, according to the new trends in search engines and the new findings in the field. However, there are certain things which will remain the same for a long time. If you mess up with some of these things, you’re guaranteed to experience lack of success at some point. To save you from that, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes in SEO and how to avoid them. 

It’s amazing to some people that most of the common mistakes happen by overdoing or focusing too much on practices that are generally good. Trying too hard might get you penalized, so it’s good to balance things. “The dose makes the poison” is what the Romans used to say, and they were quite right.

Keyword stuffing :

As per many of the most recent updates, higher keyword density has a good effect up to a certain point. After that, the only thing it becomes is a signal to search engines that your content is not actually of such high quality. And most importantly – do not , under any circumstances, use hidden text to be stuffed with keywords. That is totally black hat and will get you in trouble.

Duplicate content:

Do not use duplicate content. This goes for content which is literally duplicated, as well as content which is so similar that it couldn’t possibly count as diverse.  An example would be these two titles : “Make Money With Affiliate Marketing” and “Making Money Using Affiliate Marketing”.  If you only want more content with a similar keyword, you can try posting both of these. But they will surely not have diverse and interesting content. This, although not literally duplicate content, is harmful , SEO-wise.

Low quality backlinks :

Sure , getting the so desired link juice is important, but not all backlinks are good. It’s generally a good practice to look out for links from sites which are similar to yours. Also , try to avoid links from sites which offer one of the following: adult content or services, gambling, pharmaceutical products (yes , you know exactly which ones I’m talking about), or illegal services.  These will not pay off well, even if they come from sites who have good statistics. Take care to build your link profile well in order to avoid problems later.

These tips will help you avoid being penalized and will give you a good direction for developing your site for search engines. These are the three main things you should care about, if you want to avoid mistakes in SEO.


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