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Why you Should use Magento for making your E-commerce Site?

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In the current scenario, WordPress has become one of the most dominating platforms for developing different types of websites. It lets you build anything – from a content website, photography site, e-magazine based site to an eCommerce site. Its ample range of themes and plugins helps you build customized site, without any coding skill. But when we thing about fully-fledged online store, Magento is the first option that comes to our mind. WordPress is a versatile platform, but Magento is a solely developed for selling products and services through an online store. Magento is claimed to the perfect platform for ... Read More »

How you should Get started to Become a Professional WordPress Developer

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WordPress is evolved as a fully featured development platform in past few years. It was just considered as a blogging tool at the time of its starting. Since then it has grown as the most popular Content Management System of the recent time. It is extremely easy to use and provides you a great flexibility. Moreover, it is customization ready. All these things make it a preferred choice for the developers around the world. Its continuous increasing popularity opens the new gates of opportunity for them who want to pursue a career in WordPress development. Those who are thinking to ... Read More »

How to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google Rankings

How to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google Rankings

Blogger is an amazing option for those who are just starting with their blog. There is no risk, as one can test how the results are coming up. Although it provides many features like choosing from a template, multilingualism, iOS and Android apps; it still misses the advanced features. So when you are ready to go with your own blog WordPress is the best option. The main question that arises is, “What about my rankings?” Well that is thoughtful and fortunately there is a solution to that. Before moving to the HOW TO DO IT part, let us know the ... Read More »

How Partition Tool Can Benefit in Disk Management


Partitioning is one of the key aspects of managing your system. There was a time when people were under assumption that Windows Disk Management System is the only option they have got to fix all the issues they encounter. However, everything cannot be solved by the default disk management. It should be wisely used as partitioning can just lead to heaves of troubles for your computer. If you are a professional and installing multiple computers for your work space then you should be more careful about the situation as this can lead to loss of data and loss of productivity ... Read More »

The LMS Landscape and LifterLMS The e-Learning Landscape


As you may or may not know, the e-learning space is hot right now. It’s expected to generate $107 Billion in 2015, and grow at nearly 10% annually. Online Information Products are one of the most scalable business models in the world – you are not required to manufacture or house product and there’s little to no overhead. Information products started to grow in popularity with the rise of membership websites. We have come to realize as online marketers, that simply offering membership doesn’t quite cut it. Members need to be engaged and brought back into the classroom or learning environment ... Read More »

Three Essential Steps for Building a Quality WordPress Website in One Day

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WordPress is made to be easy to use. In fact, it is so user-friendly that virtually anyone, even people with no web experience, can use it to construct and maintain a basic blog or e-commerce site based on readily available themes and templates. While the WordPress community of developers have done a great job of decreasing the learning curve as much as possible, that doesn’t mean that anyone can become a WordPress expert in a day. While it certainly helps to go into the endeavor with some technical prowess under your sleeve, even then a wise business owner/entrepreneur will almost ... Read More »

Choosing BuddyPress to Turn WordPress Site to a Social Network: Why and How


Almost every business constantly seeks for opportunities that helps them increase their brand visibility among a wider audience base. One best way to expand your brand’s voice and content is to set up a social network. Of course, social networks help increase your brand recognition to millions of users, but sometimes the scope that those networks provide can be distracting for some user groups. So, if you’re already running a WordPress website and want to convert it into a social network for users with a narrow focus, then BuddyPress plug-in is a great solution for you. This plug-in help you ... Read More »

Creating WordPress Child themes for Beginners

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WordPress is one of the most useful and popular blogging platform available today. WordPress uses themes for the design of the blog. We most often buy themes or use some free themes available in the market. There is one more way – Why not create your own WordPress themes. Trust me it’s not that difficult. WordPress themes are basically made of php, html and css. If you know these programming languages its great way to start. What are child themes? Child themes are the theme’s which uses the parent theme functions and has just one file which is the style-sheet ... Read More »

Designing Your Own homepage in Dreamweaver CC


Giving the title for your website : The title is a text or keywords which tell search engines about the information contained on that particular page. Tile is given in head section of the webpage. In Dreamweaver you can give the title by simply inserting text in the title box provided in top window. Give a suitable and meaningful title for your homepage. Creating layout by using HTML tags : Now we have almost done all the necessary things . We are heading towards actually designing our webpage as per our layout. You may finding this tutorials broad but I ... Read More »

How can I upload file using FTP

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Uploading Files using Filezilla (FTP): Filezilla is and FTP client used to transfer files to remote server and vice-versa. There are many ways to transfer files but Filezilla is most efficient and easy to use. In this tutorial I will show you how to transfer files using Filezilla. Apart from Filezilla we can transfer files using Dreamweaver and many other FTP clients. Step by step tips to file transfer:   Download Filezilla from and install it.  We need to connect it to web server. Fill the 3 fields at the top there. Host is your hosting company eg. ... Read More »

Making Full Use of Google Analytics


Analyze, Reform, Improve … From the dawn of science , humanity has taken the approach of doing careful observation and drawing conclusions from it. And by careful observation, we mean observation that can be transformed to numbers,  which can then be compared to other values, for the purposes of simplifying both observation and decision making. That’s why it doesn’t matter what site you run – professional, personal, corporate – you’ll need to analyze your users if you want to bring only the best quality to them , and improve your site for good. On 1st April 2013 Google has played prank ... Read More »

How To Transfer Your Site or Blog To Another Hosting Provider


Understanding the basic of Hosting transfer : Pretty much every site that eventually got bigger has seen the necessity of changing hosting providers. And it’s really not surprising, since in the world of vast competition, a webmaster looks for the best of their own site – better disk space, bandwidth, administration options and tech support , and all of that for smaller prices. However , one thing you’d have to tackle is the increasingly difficult process of transferring all your site’s information to the new hosting package without damaging anything you now have.  In an ideal world, all it would ... Read More »