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Three Essential Steps for Building a Quality WordPress Website in One Day

WordPress is made to be easy to use. In fact, it is so user-friendly that virtually anyone, even people with no web experience, can use it to construct and maintain a basic blog or e-commerce site based on readily available themes and templates. While the WordPress community of developers have done a great job of decreasing the learning curve as much as possible, that doesn’t mean that anyone can become a WordPress expert in a day.

While it certainly helps to go into the endeavor with some technical prowess under your sleeve, even then a wise business owner/entrepreneur will almost always find it necessary to reach out for additional tools and resources in an effort to make their site as aesthetically and functionally pleasing as the best competitors’. If that sounds like a description of what you’re trying to accomplish, keep reading to learn about three steps you can take to initiate the construction of an awesome WordPress site in one 12-hour workday:

1. Collect Theme and Template Libraries, Pick a Theme

There are tons of great free themes out there, many of which have been neatly categorized into huge theme libraries like Premium WP, ThemeForest and Template Monster. Getting to know these libraries and staying on top of the latest and greatest themes is the best way to give yourself the broadest selection of templates to choose from, which of course will only serve to increase your confidence.

One could spend literally the whole day flipping through themes and trying them out, but to keep it practical, we’ll assign a good 2 hours to theme selection. You can save a lot of that time and drastically improve the long-term appearance of your site by enlisting the assistance a WordPress designer. You can find a top WordPress designer here.

2. Research and Utilize Plugins and Extensions

If you really want to unleash the true potential of WordPress you’ll need to become acquainted with using plugins to extend the functionality. WordPress’ massive library of free plugins is probably what makes it the most popular and beloved free CMS available.

You could probably spend half your day simply reading through the many lists of essential plugins out there, but if you want to fit it all into a long workday, try to keep your plugin orientation and installation time under 3 hours.

3. Outsource Site Tweaking, Maintenance, and Content Development to Creatives

Creatives are the driving force behind the internet and everything you’ve ever read online. We’re the writers, coders, developers, webmasters, project managers, and entrepreneurs of the web. As a business owner you can be all of those things in one, but why take so much of your own time and creative energy to keep your site well-maintained when you can outsource the work to your own team of creatives. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of advice on hiring creatives.

Understanding the benefits and philosophy of outsourcing and project managing is absolutely imperative when your goal is to construct and launch an awesome WordPress site in one day.

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