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The Best Ways To Do A JPG to Word Conversion

Every day, someone somewhere in the world needs to do a JPG to Word JPG to Word conversion. People either want to extract text from an image file for some school project they may have, or maybe just to have handy some interesting write up.

People may want to extract material from image files but don’t know how to do it the easy way. They go about retyping every single word of the text. That should really not be the case these days, because with technology, we can now conveniently do a JPG to Word conversion.

With what they call Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it is now easy to have any text in image format converted to a Word document.

For those of us who have used the service before, we sure know that there are two ways of carrying out a JPG to Word conversion. You can either do it online by visiting, or downloading the software so that you get to convert a file anytime you want. Let’s look at this second option, downloading a JPG to Word converter that will conveniently transform all you image files to Word documents.

The software can be downloaded from or from

After downloading, these easy steps would enable you carry on with your conversions stress free.

  • Run the setup on your computer. When you open the software, it should take you to the Home Page.

GUI of the Software

  • Look at the left corner of the software, there, you will find the option to select the JPG file you want to convert.

Input Image Preview

  • When you have uploaded this file, select Word (Doc) as the output format.

Select Output Format

  • Click the “Save” button. Your image file will open as a Word document when the conversion is done, and can edit the text as you want.

If need assistance on how to do this right, watch a video tutorial available anytime at

One useful tip though; use images with good quality so that you get more accurate results.

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