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How to create WordPress Plugin Tutorial

wordpress plugins

Taking the initial steps towards plugin creation Needless to say, plugins are the easiest solution to most of our needs , which are not already in WordPress. And nowadays, there’s a plugin for everything – from the things that are most necessary to those which are just plain ridiculous. But even the simple fact that they exist is astonishing – it means that WordPress has added a unique way for everyone willing and knowledgeable to expand its functionality. And that can be used to our advantage, if we were to have any particular needs – we can write a plugin ... Read More »

How To Avoid Being Banned From AdSense And Still Make Money

adsense ban

A Google AdSense ban is final and unrefutable … learn how to avoid it:  If you’ve had friends who had the ill-fate of getting their AdSense account banned, you would know that AdSense bans are final – once you make some mistake, Google is very unlikely to give you your account back, even with your best efforts to challenge that fate. So to most people who make a living this way, it’s vital to know what causes AdSense bans and how to steer clear of it. If you look at Google’s terms for AdSense, the one you agree with upon ... Read More »

How to install Dreamweaver on Windows xp,7 and 8

installing dreamweaver

How to install Dreamweaver on Windows xp,7 and 8 What is Adobe Dreamweaver : Developing your website with Dreamweaver is best best way to create a website.You can create any  custom website using Dreamweaver.Dreamweaver consists many pre-build languages such as php,html,jQuery,xml etc.The main advantage of Dreamweaver is that you require very less or almost no knowledge of coding.It’s just like a drag and drop system.You just have to use it and coding is generated automatically. If you are thinking to design a custom website Dreamweaver is for you.So go ahead and install this amazing Adobe Dreamweaver. is the only ... Read More »

Java Programming from Basic to Expert, Java for Beginner : Tutorial 1

java tutorials for beginners

About Java Programming Language : This tutorial is designed java beginners in mind, so don’t take stress your all doubts will be got solved.Java is a programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released In 1995 as a core component of ‘Sun Microcystems java platform. The language derives much of its syntax from C and C++ but has a simple object model and fewer low-level facilities. Java applications typically compiled to byte code that can run on any java virtual machine regardless of computer architecture. Features Of Java : Following are the main Features of Java Language: Platform independent: Generally ... Read More »

Creating a new Website – Tutorial 3

new website tutorials

Creating a new website : Tutorial 3 Understanding WordPress : When I was a beginner I googled on this topic and never came with a satisfactory results.Today when I know about WordPress I thought to share it with you guys in simple language. Before going in detail I want to make some things absolutely clear : Understanding WordPress is not a rocket science its much easier than you would have ever thought.Consider it as a status update on facebook.So now just cool down and be ready to learn WordPress. I want to make some doubts clear : is a site ... Read More »

Effective Link Building Ideas


Link Building Ideas for Local Use There are a number of link building tips that you can use with regards to making your site easier for local residents to find. These should help you out with sticking out over local places that are going to compete with you. It is particularly important because in all likelihood you probably won’t be the only one that is going to go after something in your local area. Checking Local Blogs You should check to see if you can leave comments on local blogs. These include blogs that relate to what your site deals ... Read More »

Creating A New Website – Tutorial 2,wordpress website platform

wordpress tutorial

Website platform: Now considering that you have purchased your domain and hosting we are moving forward towards website platform. There are many platforms to build a website such as WordPress,Jumla and many more.Undoubtedly is best. Do you want to design a website yourself or do you want a ready-made design and automated system? I f you want to design by yourself Adobe Dreamweaver is the best software.You can get a free 30 day trial of this amazing software from adobe website. Building on WordPress: On WordPress you just have to set a theme and it works automated.You just have ... Read More »

Creating a New Website – Tutorial 1

creating a new website

Want To Create A New Website? – A must read article for you!   I have many websites now and I exactly know your mind frame when you want to create a new website and you are a beginner.I got the idea of creating a website from a friend.You may have got from a different source.For me creating a website was just for making money and making some online presence.   Before starting anything you must make some things clear to yourself. Don’t rush into taking a domain name and hosting.There are many things a new blogger doesnt know at ... Read More »

How to change Your WordPress Username & display Name


Change WordPress Username – For those who are unsatisfied with their original choice : The reasons could be many and different, but actually have no reflection on how you can change your username. Most of the times it’s easy to do, and requires nothing more than the original WordPress functionality. But there might be some complications if you change your username, and we’ll try to discuss them too, in the lines below.   First, we need to make some clarifications, in order to continue with this tutorial. WordPress offers two “types” of username – a display name , by which you appear ... Read More »