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Creating a New Website – Tutorial 1

Want To Create A New Website? – A must read article for you!


I have many websites now and I exactly know your mind frame when you want to create a new website and you are a beginner.I got the idea of creating a website from a friend.You may have got from a different source.For me creating a website was just for making money and making some online presence.


Before starting anything you must make some things clear to yourself. Don’t rush into taking a domain name and hosting.There are many things a new blogger doesnt know at start and comes to know about this thing eventually.

Making a website?

What are the basic things that are needed:

1.Domain name

2.Web hosting


Domain name:

In simple words domain name is the name of the blog/website you are going to create.The name we type in the address bar of the browser is known as domain name.

For eg. is a domain name.


Web hosting:

Now this may be a new word for you. Don’t worry i am with you to assist you and solve your any is something which publish your site on internet in other words it hosts your site.You can do it by your own but it needs a 24*7 super-fast internet connection without failure.We cant achieve it so we get web hosting by paying a few dollars.There are many web hosting companies who provide these services.I personally feel as one of the best web host.

We will discuss about this things in detail later on.Now lets make some things clear.


Before purchasing a domain name or taking a web hosting plan there are few things you should consider:

  1. Clearly define the niche of you blog.
  2. Make a complete study about content you are going to post.
  3. Choose the best keyword for your blog.

You may not familiar with the word keywords but its one of the most important factors while creating a blog.



When you google anything you get millions og results.How are these results sorted.Its done by google according to their algorithms.

Let me simplify it:

Keywords are the words google considers while showing results when someone search for a particular phrase.

Eg.If I search “how to create a good website”

Google will find the sites with the keyword “how to create a good website” and depending on the quality results will be sorted.

So one thing is clear –keywords are important.We will study in detail on how to rank in google later on.


Choosing a Domain name:

Take a pen and paper.You may have decided niche of a blog you are going to create.While choosing a domain it’s always useful if your target keyword comes into your domain.This will be an extra advantage for your blog.Go to  and select keyword tool.Its a free tool provided by google on which we can check exact searches done by people for a particular keyword.Try to find a keyword with maximum searches and suits your domain name.Choose a domain name consisting that keyword.It will always be an advantage having your target keyword in domain name.

Now considering you have chosen a domain name we will move forward.

Choosing a web host:

As we have discussed earlier web host publishes your site on the internet.While choosing a web host choose it with least downtime i.e 0.00001.I personally feel provides best services and have a uptime of 99.99%.It is user-friendly as well.Hotgator, justhost are some other web hosting companies.

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