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How To Get A Website Service Up And Running From Scratch

So, you’ve got a great idea for a website service. Congratulations! Perhaps you are going to save the world, or disrupt a market enough to change it forever. We’re confident you can do it – but you have to build it first.

Building a website service is a complicated business. Not only do you have to have the technical nous to build it – which can cost a lot of time and money. But you also have to get people to use it. Without users and engagement, your that money and time will all have been for nothing.

So, to point you in the right direction, we thought we would put together a simple guide to getting a website service up and running. And, of course, to make sure it catches fire when you launch it.

How To Get A Website Service Up And Running From Scratch


Forming your idea

You’ll need a basic business plan before you do anything. Get it done at the earliest possible stage – even if it’s the morning after you have had an inspirational dream. Work out how you are going to build it and how you are going to pay for it. Try and project its growth – be conservative rather than liberal with your figures. Finally, plan out a schedule for the build, allowing for reiterations, changes and anything else that you have come up with.

Build your team

Unless you have the time to do everything yourself, you will need a good team behind you. Forget about marketing for the moment and concentrate solely on development. Hire a developer if you have to, and look into getting a specialist in that has experience of working in specific fields.

For example, if you are creating a location-based service, then hire someone who knows how to program geolocation into the back end. It is going to be far more effective than hiring a front-end designer.

Training yourself

First of all, if you have never had any experience of driving a piece of software to completion, then we recommend looking into training as a scrum master. Courses aren’t long and will be worth the money once your product has been finished.

Take a look here – to see what you would be learning. In essence, a scrum master will oversee the product development and ensure that a minimum viable product (MVP) is achieved.

It will help you concentrate on the important aspects of your service, and gives you a chance to put the brakes on things that are taking too long. Software development of any kind is full of spiralling pitfalls. So, seeing a project out as a scrum master will help you avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary problems.


As you approach the final stages of your product, start marketing to drum up business. If you are a developer, then it’s worth outsourcing this to somebody else – especially if the scope of your business extends nationally or beyond.

It’s a vital stage, and you have to light a fire in people’s minds to get them excited. Go for sign ups and when you are ready to finally release your product, make as big a song and dance about it as possible.

With any luck – if your original idea has been executed well – you should have enough of a userbase to improve things from this point. Once you fix those errors and start to scale up, then the world, as they say, will be your oyster.

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