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Government Supporting Investment in Real Estate in Mumbai

Mumbai is considered as the Commercial and entertainment hub of India, which attract various professionals and businessman across the globe. This result in the growth of the real estate market of the city, attracting various Builders and developers in the country. The prices of property in the city are Skyrocketing but ready flats in the city are less creating a shortage in demand in comparison to the demand. It is one of the best well planned city of the country with providing great infrastructure for the people to stay. Places near the Mumbai city which are called as suburbs of the city are gaining popularity in the real estate investors of the Mumbai city.

Navi Mumbai is called as the twin city of Mumbai due to presence of Various IT Parks and SEZ in the area offering great residential projects for the investors. The properties available in the area are affordable and usually owned by the working professionals creating a similar environment to stay with the people of the same mindset and thought process in the neighbor area of the house.

Similarly, Mysore is gaining a lot of attention towards real estate. People looking for house for rent in Mysore finds it easy to search properties in this city using various online portals like

The real estate market is witnessing a rapid growth due to various factors supporting the growth of the industry in Mumbai city. When prices of property in Mumbai are compared with projects available in the Navi Mumbai, it is still affordable. Mumbai is already occupied and developed with no space for expansion that is the main reason developers are moving towards the suburbs which are well connected place in the city.

Various Corporations and Industries shifted to Navi Mumbai due to cost effective solutions and availability of space for expansions in the area. The developers are planning to convert is a planned city like Mumbai, thus converting the place with sky, touching buildings and affordable flats. Even NRI considers Mumbai as the best location to invest in property. There are a few tips you need to consider while investing in Real estate Mumbai.

Tips while investing in Mumbai property market are:

  • Budget: Always check your affordability while investing in property in Mumbai .There are various options available in the market where you can invest ranging from Studio apartments to Villas, chose the category which suits you.
  • Research: Use internet to gather information about the shortlisted projects .It will help you to gather and compare the data for a particular location you have decided to invest.
  • Try to invest in owning properties: Contact the owners of the properties to save the commission money paid to the agents and you will get the property at the actual price only. The negotiation will also be fruitful with less chances of fraud.
  • A closer look at the properties: Detail well about the shortlisted properties before you decided which to choose and invest. If you are particular about vastu and type of interiors, check about it in detail. Discuss with the seller about the various amenities offered by them.

You should always check about the various daily facilities, available in the nearby area of the property. Stay on the property should be convenient for the entire family leading an enjoyable moment time in the house. Discuss with the builder about various hidden charges involved in the investment in the real estate property. If you are buying any commercial property, you should check in detail about the market and business growth in that locality. Check the presence of various competitors in the same area for the future growth and profit margins in the business. Residential projects should match the requirement of every family member, so investment should be done after confirmation of family members to provide a comfortable stay for every family member.

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