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How to change Your WordPress Username & display Name

Change WordPress Username – For those who are unsatisfied with their original choice :

The reasons could be many and different, but actually have no reflection on how you can change your username. Most of the times it’s easy to do, and requires nothing more than the original WordPress functionality. But there might be some complications if you change your username, and we’ll try to discuss them too, in the lines below.  

First, we need to make some clarifications, in order to continue with this tutorial. WordPress offers two “types” of username – a display name , by which you appear to others, and a username, which you use to login to the platform. If you’ve chosen an inappropriate display name, you  can change it easily without any complications. But if you want to change the username you use to log in, there might be some difficulties. Nevertheless, we’ll explain how to do each of these tasks.

Changing your WordPress display name :

As mentioned above, your display name appears on posts and comments made by you, and it’s merely how you’re displayed to others. You can change it countless times, to your liking , without that having any effect on the functionality of WordPress. So , how to do we do it ? Follow these steps :

  • Go to your profile page. You can do that by clicking on your name, in the top of the admin page.
  • Scroll down for a field that says Display Name publicly or Nickname (in some older versions)
  • Change the contents of that field to your liking
  • Click Update Profile

That’s about everything you need to do in order to change your display name to something you think others should see, instead of what you initially wrote. Maybe you didn’t set a nickname/display name at the beginning ? And you don’t want to be seen as johny6546 (the username you login with) on your posts.

But if you want to change the name you login with, that’s an entire different story

Changing your actual username :

Perhaps you’ve noticed that in the profile settings where we changed the display name earlier, the field where the actual username is says it cannot be changed.

change wordpress username name.png

Now to be clear, that isn’t technically true. It’s just that this functionality is restricted from WordPress’s admin panel ,to prevent some nasty problems that might occur with plugins or services like Gravatar, which depend on your actual username, which you use to login.

Yet there is a way to change it, by tampering with your WordPress installation’s database. That all sounds very hacker-ish , but it’s actually not.  You can do it with phpMyAdmin, which is a tool to browse and edit entries in the MySQL database. Without taking any more of your time, here’s how to change your username through the database:

  1. Enter your admin panel, which was provided to you by the hosting company. It will look differently for different users, but you most certainly will have one.
  2. Look for phpMyAdmin, it’s icon looks like this :
  3. change wordpress username name1
  4. Once there , look at the left, in the navigation menu. It should show your databases. Look for the one your WordPress installation is in. It’s probably named after something recognizable. If you don’t have a lot of luck finding it straight away, look for databases that have tables named with the wp_ prefix
  5. Once inside your database, look in the left again. We’ll be looking for the users table, it’s called “wp_users”.
  6. change wordpress username name2
  7.                        3.After you reach that particular table, you need to find your original username which you want to change. Type it  in in the user_login column, to find it in a list
  8. Click the Edit button next you your username
  9. change wordpress username name3
  10.  In the form that follows, change the contents of user_login. Be careful not to mess with anything else, since it might cause more problems.

That’s basically how you tap into the database to change your login name. On an ordinary installation with no special plugins, you’ll have no problem after you change your login name. However, WordPress have limited changing your username for a reason. They cannot guarantee that one of your plugins, for example, doesn’t depend on your username. So be cautious when changing your WordPress username.


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