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Creating a new Website – Tutorial 3

Creating a new website : Tutorial 3

Understanding WordPress :

When I was a beginner I googled on this topic and never came with a satisfactory results.Today when I know about WordPress I thought to share it with you guys in simple language.

Before going in detail I want to make some things absolutely clear : Understanding WordPress is not a rocket science its much easier than you would have ever thought.Consider it as a status update on facebook.So now just cool down and be ready to learn WordPress.

I want to make some doubts clear : is a site which helps to build WordPress themes on local server just like Dreamweaver.It also provides blogs hosted by WordPress in which a domain name has a extension just like

And is a self-hosting blogging platform which we are going to use.If you have plans to become a developer in future WordPress software from is a place to go.

We are currently going to discuss on self hosted WordPress blog like

wordpress options panel

The picture above is of WordPress dashboard options panel.

We will discuss one by one in detail.

Jetpack :

Jetpack consists some awesome pre-installed WordPress features for free.It consists of site stats,Askimet etc.

Site stats by jetpack are pretty accurate as I have verified it with analytics on several occasions.

Stats consists of following things:

  • Your blog daily page views.
  • Page views of particular posts
  • No of times a particular link that has been clicked
  • Keywords by which visitors have searched your site
  • Referral sites


Askimet is a plugin which protects your blog from spammy comments.As your blog traffic rises you come up with many meaningless, unwanted comments which may possibly harm your site.

Askimet is a paid plugin but its worth paying as it reduces your tension of spam comments.Once you mark a comment as spam,askimet doesn’t allow that user to comment in future.

To say the least askimet have protected my blog from 77793 spam comments in last 6 months and I am not at all kidding.You may consider it as a mandatory plugin for every blogger.


Posts are the articles that you publish on your blog.It has three options :

  • Published
  • Draft
  • Trash

If you want to write a new article go to posts on your dashboard and then click add new.In this section you may find title and post body.In title you have to write the suitable title to your post.After writing the content in body section publish the posts.

You may also schedule the post for publishing if you want to publish it in future.You can find these option just above the publish button.

Featured Image:

It’s a image which we use display in front of article on blog homepage with a little summary of article.You can also consider it as a thumbnail.

Categories :

Categories are used to categorise your posts.If you own a blog regarding news then sports,politics,movies,local may be your categories .So when you add a new post place it in an appropriate category.You can add new categories by going to categories.

Tags :

Tags are words that describe you post and can be useful for readers to find your posts.Supose you have an article related to “How to create a website” then your probable tags could be “create a website,create website,website,creating new website” anything that best describes your article.Hope you have now got rough idea about tags.

Click here to know how to write an effective article in less time

Media :

As the word suggests it simply means a place to store images,audio,video etc which you use in your posts.Its like a gallery where you upload your images and other things.You can also upload multiple images at a time in a post by clicking insert media button.

Pages :

Pages are articles which contains some static information about your site.It Pages are something that we write only once on a site.It consists of information like

  • Contact Us
  • Advertise with us
  • Copyright policies
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms of use

Don’t ever ignore it as it is really essential and also helps your users.You may now have got a better idea about pages.

Appearance :

appearance consists of following things :

  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Menus
  • Editor


It consists 2 parts:

  • Manage themes
  • Install themes

In manage themes you can find installed themes where as in install theme section you can install new themes from wordpress or external themes from upload option.Its really easy!trust me.Here is a collection of best themes we have chosen.


Widgets are drag and drop ready-made functions you can use in your theme.You get numerous Widgets in WordPress for various purposes.You can almost find a widget on anything you can think.In our theme we have used widgets in sidebar for placing ads and popular posts.

Menus :

Menus are navigation bars on your blog.Depending on your theme you can have one two or even three menus on you blog.My blog supports two menus.To add a menu go to apperance>>menus

Click the + sign and give your menu a name.You can add categories,pages and even custom urls to the menu.After doing this click on save menu.

If your theme supports two menus and you want to decide their order in left top corner you can find a box which helps you to decide the order of the menu.

Editor :

If you want to make some changes in your theme and you are good with coding then editor is an option you should go.Editor allows you to access theme code and it’s the place from where you can make changes in the theme.Always keep a backup of the code so that you can use it if things get messed up.


Plugins are something which extend your WordPress theme framework and is easy to install.Let me explain with example for you better understanding.

Suppose if I want to have a contact box on my website :

I will go to plugins>>add new and search for contact box

I get many results and I have to choose the best one for me.After that I just have to install it and activate it and my plugin starts working.The contact box in my blog is also a plugin which you can find in top menu section.

Users :

It’s quite simple,users are the people who login into WordPress dashboard.You can have multiple users.You can even restrict the role of particular user.A user can be just a user while other user can be an administrator who have right to make changes to the blog.

Settings :

Settings are quite simple and I am sure you don’t need any explanation regarding it.Its just like your gmail or facebook settings.Though I would like to explain one setting which you can t get at  start:In setting go to reading there you would find something like following image

wordpress settingsIf you want to keep a single post on you blog homepage select the first option and if you want to display latest posts on your homepage select the second option.


I hope now you have a rough idea about WordPress.If you don’t remember some things we discussed don’t worry at all,you will learn everything with experience.If you come up with any problem just let us know.We would love to write on your problem.I am sure you will have fun using WordPress.

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