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How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes

How To Write an article in 20 minutes:

Every one around the globe must have face the problem about writing an article. Some would have faced problem about quality  and others may have about time required for writing . Many of us are already fed up of writing a new article in appropriate time. What you think ? how much time is required to write a professional article which can be used as a ready blog post. I will say in any case not more than 30 mins. Hey guys no need to start debate on this , I will let you know how any one can achieve this. You just have to follow some important steps . so lets start..

Keep rough idea ready :

So here we go, first thing you have to do is no matter whatever you  are willing to write , always be ready with rough idea in mind. If you randomly start to write any article there is possibility of you getting problem to write continuously and you probably start to dragging meaningless content. Obviously it will affect the quality of content whatever you are writing. If you are  with your rough idea, you know what exactly you are going to write so naturally article will become meaningful.

Write down subpoints :

You already have the rough ideas in mind .Now the next step is to write down the sub-points that are somewhere in your mind. Doesn’t matter those are related to subject or not, we are noting down these point aside only because we have no guarantee whether we will remind them later or not. There would be possibility of missing some important points so its better to mention them.

Be clear with  your doubts :

Start writing only when you come to the point that now you are crystal clear with your subject of article. If you are confused regarding some points in the article, clear your doubt first. If you yourself have doubt how readers are going to be benefited.

Don’t see the time :

When you start writing there is  no guarantee of how much time it will take to complete an article . Newcomer could get 3-4 hours to write  one complete article while other experienced bloggers could conclude article in just 20 minutes. If you are newcomer forget about the watch, keep focus on the quality. As you write continuously slowly your time span will reduce. So no need to worry about it.

Sometimes you love the subject and  keep writing. That’s time you should not pressurised yourself to minimise the data. In that flow some quality data would have missed. So its better keep on writing. After concluding  just check out the length of article. If its more you can divide same article in two parts.

Stick with the topic :

Sometimes in the flow of writing you would get away from the original topic . So this is one of the most important thing to pay attention while writing an article. Try to build  interrelated content which will be useful to keep audience engaged. It will result in building a loyal audience.

Don’t confuse readers :

While writing an article you should be clear about which points you are going to explain? About which topic you are going to discuss various things ? Don’t write complicated  content otherwise reader will get confused. Whatever you write ,keep it simple as you can. Your message should be clear and simple to understand.

Give exact opinion :

As you have started writing article, you have right to judge what is good and wrong in your particular article. You are there to do things simpler , not to increase confusion in reader’s mind.  Don’t ty to become diplomat,you should highlight your exact opinion .

Conclude properly :

It’s the last portion  of your article. So make sure that whether you have covered all the points with proper explanation. Have you covered all the answers of readers possible doubts or questions ? Read complete article again as a stranger and analyse yourself.

Finally , ask them whether they enjoyed the article or not . Always open up to ask for improvements from readers. As per my perspective, your audience is the best judge. If your audience is satisfied with your article, your article is perfect. If they are satisfied then ask them to share your article on social media which may help their friends. There is always a scope to improve your well written so whenever a  new idea hits your mind immediately update your article.


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    put as many ideas as you can think of on paper in a form of a mind map, this will allow you to string as many ideas as possible. After mind mapping, its time to filter your work, put your ideas in order of priority, from the most important to the list important. This will allow your mind to gradually stretch your ideas a bit further. And lastly you organize and edit what you came up with into a final product.

  3. Thanks a lot,but I think example of am article should be stated here

  4. Great article. Came across this while trying to find some inspiration to help get my writing mojo back. Think it was just what I needed to get to me started again.

  5. Excellent effort. But can you tell as how to remove errors in an article. Is there a forum that can help article writers.

    • hi..if you are talking about spelling errors you can remove it from proofreading available in wordpress editor

    • i mean the grammatical errors. how can i remove the errors of prepositions, articles, etc, from the content. My grammar is perfect as far as tenses , active passive and direct/indirect are concerned . the only problem is with my articles, prepositions, word joinders, etc. Please tell me what to do?
      I know the spellings and can easily detect the errors. sometimes i use , but it does not tell about the exact location where the error occurs. it only tells about the total number of errors.

      waiting for your response


  6. Nice article, those 7 tips are great. Another tip, which should be at the top really, is that the Headline or title of the article is very important as it is first what your visitor sees. Keep that in mind and make your titles/headlines want visitors to read your articles. :)

  7. very very nice!. Such a great chunk of information for a short piece of article.

    I believe you are an awesome writer sir!.
    Keep up the good work

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