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How-To Create a Website With WordPress

Some bloggers or site owners will settle on a different platform because of the common perception that building website with WordPress is complicated. In comparison with other alternatives, this can be considered as a fact. Thus, building a website with WordPress is definitely not a walk in the park as there are a lot of things that you would need to do before attaining good result.

Why Choose WordPress?

If you are you are on a campaign of publishing SEO friendly articles to promote your service or product, this will definitely be the best avenue to do it. Website with WordPress platform provides SEO capabilities such as sending pings to other sites, tagging your post and categorizing your contents which will help you increase visibility online. Getting your queries about the platform will also be easy as they hold more than one percent of all the websites on the internet. This actually means that you can participate on their community forum and have your question answered by other members. You are also not limited on the theme that you can integrate on your site. If you are unhappy with the default theme that is integrated upon sign up, you can choose from thousands of themes that are available for you to download and use on your site.

Having this one said, WordPress is a great tool to grow and improve your business online. So if you are planning to introduce your service or product using this platform, you can follow this simple guide to create an SEO friendly website with WordPress:

Get A Hosting Company

Follow the golden rule in purchasing: never settle for cheap, go for something that is affordable. Look for a web hosting company that can provide you a domain rather than sub domain. This attributes will more likely to get you on higher page rank. Some free hosting sites will also limit the designs you can integrate as they might put advertisement on some part of your site. This will automatically remove your chance of utilizing your website space for getting some cash from advertisers. In getting a provider, you have to verify the company’s online reputation by checking site reviews and blogs. You might also want to consider the number of companies that are using their service. Thus, getting a good hosting company is a great investment.

Choose Theme And Plugins

The next step in creating a website in WordPress is to choose a theme that suits the type of contents you will publish. Once you are done choosing the theme, you can start installing some important applications. Here are some plugins you might want to put on your site: SEO Smart Links – This will interlink keywords or key phrases on your article with other corresponding contents on your blog. This will lead someone who is reading your article to easily find other contents on your site that is similar to what he or she is currently reading. WP Supercache – This plugin increases speed in page loading by copying your page on the server. WP Backup – This will seamlessly backup your database table in WordPress. Akismet – This plugin will basically block spam comments which can affect your Page Rank.
There are other plugins that is worth the space on your WordPress site, all you need to do is to explore.

Picking A Good Template

This can be considered as one of the most challenging part in creating a website with WordPress. If you would like to create a professional looking site, you must find a template that is ‘non-bloggy’. Most of the time, choosing a news paper style template will work wonders. Template is also essential in building the navigation for your site as it will list the static pages.

The Final Step
final steps
The last step you have to do in creating a website with WordPress is to come up with good contents. This is of vital importance as it will dictate the feedback that you will get from your visitors. This will also impact the number of visitors who will check your site regularly. Starting up a website with WordPress can be complicated, but by following the above mentioned steps you can make your site a star with less hassle.

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