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What Makes A Sales Generating Landing Page

Regardless of whether you own a blogging website, portfolio, e-commerce or anything that matters, we all want to attract our users attention and make sure that we have a positive conversion rate. There seems to be shortage of advices or guidelines of what makes a website successful in terms of generating leads. What key strategies to follow to keep customers returning and entice them to sign up. However, the good news is that if not all, you can actually follow some basic rules of thumb or small adjustments that can really make your site functional and full of impact.

What Makes A Sales Generating Landing Page

In the realm of startups, you get only one chance to create a first impression among your visitors, so presenting it in an impressive manner is crucial to make sure that everything is tilted in your favor. It should come as no surprise that it’s the design and functionality of a website which help you in creating impression while ensuring that people don’t leave your website without looking around. With WordPress web development, you can get a highly usable and well designed website that helps you improve your conversion metrics while allowing you develop a loyal customer base.

In this article I am going to explain you some useful tips which would help you to create a more usable and attractive website. The tips explained are basic and will surely help you to come up with a successful website.

1. Comfortable Sign Up Process

It should be very easy for your visitors to sign up your website which takes them to the next stage. Making the user feel comfortable is very important if you want to uplift your conversion rate. A lengthy process will make them feel frustrated and reduce their interest instantly. Keep the form fields at the minimum and information provided should be unobtrusive to as well. Also focus on providing sign ups using popular authentication APIs to maintain the level of credibility.

Sales Generating Landing Page

2. Let Them Try Out Your Service

There are times when people just land on a website without knowing anything about it. Owing to this they try to investigate further and make efforts to check it out. While investigating they often encounter with sign up processes, which quite often make them feel irritated and ultimately impair their action. The reason being they are not aware about it and how can they sign up without having any knowledge regarding the same. So, in order to make sure you have a better conversion rate, try implement trial methods. Since, you have already stimulated your visitors interest, you can offer the product to try, if it succeeds to meet their expectations, they’d like to sign up.

Landing Page

A great example of this comes from one of the leading WordPress theme sellers WooThemes. The company releases some few free themes so that you can try them out, test their quality, and them pay to get the final service. You can offer free, trial service in some of the following ways:

  • You can think of providing limited-time trial version let’s say for 30 days
  • Offer a basic version first and then ask them to upgrade
  • Give your visitors a complete knowledge about what services they can enjoy after completing the registration

These are some useful ways which would help you to improve conversion rate as well as building customer loyalty.

3. Use a Copy Which Encourages Them to Act

Your website copy is so incredibly important. It’s so powerful that it can easily send across your key messages and motivate visitors to explore to delve deep into your website. So, while designing a website copy make sure you use words which are effective enough to increase conversions. You can take the help of a professional copywriter who is knowledgeable enough to use words which get more sign ups. The writer will make use of words that are persuasive, catchy, and compelling. Also, even if you don’t write the content completely, we are still responsible for call-to-action buttons, the design and words of the link, should you say “login” or “log in”, “buy now” or “buy today”. These are some points which you can consider while improving conversion.

What Makes A Sales Generating Landing Page

4. A/B Testing is Essential

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a great way of testing the reliability of your website content and its design. The method is used in marketing to compare the results of two alternatives with the aim of increasing conversion rates. In web design, A/B design is used to examine the viability of two design elements to determine which design works well in getting the desirable response. There are some considerations which designers expect while going conducting A/B testing. These are described as follows:

  • The design and color of a button
  • Its positioning in relation to the text or images around it
  • The words used on it for example: “sign up now”, “Sign up for 30 days trial” and so on.

A/B Testing is Essential

Designers perform A/B testing by keeping these factors into mind. Color used and words are extremely important while conducting this test.

5. Go for Social Proof

There are a number of ways to make money from your website and social proof is one of them. You could give your visitors a proof of all the members of your website, this also includes some notable or famous community, and their testimonials regarding your service. This is something which would help you to market your business better while at the same time help you build trust. Also, not to forget about mentioning popular brands affiliated with your products, or else you can opt to specify the number of satisfied customers on your website.

Social Proof

Final Thoughts

In the end, there is only one thing you can do to achieve a better conversion rate, is by showing exactly what your visitors want, and in what way they want, and that too in the manner most effective.

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