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5 Reasons why Patients should be active on Social Media

Social Media is now a part of life and platforms like facebook, twitter and tumblr are pretty much penetrated in our lives that it’s pretty much difficult for one to live without it. Patients are no different; they use social media channels from time to time to find out the solution to their problems.

Is it worth it for a patient to stay active on social media channels? Patients should be really active on Social Media because that helps them stay connected with their physicians, get the latest information and interact with other patients and swap home remedies.

Here are some of the reasons why patients should be active on Social Media Platforms.

Interaction with physicians

Most doctors use social medias both privately and publically to interact from their patients from time to time. If doctor or physician is available online you can consult him generally that might help you get rid of your problem without paying a huge doctor fee.

At the same time if your family doctor or physician is not nearby, this social media thing can act as a blessing. This allows doctors and patients to communicate freely without having to be physically present or getting an appointment.


Social Media can help you in being informative and on top of things. Every day you can learn about a new disease or a new cure or remedy for something. The internet is endless well of information and people or websites are eager to distribute it to the masses. This vast sea of knowledge is a real blessing for people who are in need of information.

Interaction with Patients

There are multiple discussion forums available that allows you to directly interact with other patients. Today, with the help of social media platforms Interaction with other patients is not only possible but extremely beneficial as well. You can learn a lot from another person’s experiences. By sharing stories about illnesses and their reaction to it etc. you are more aware about the illnesses out there and how to go with them.

Free Advice

Nowadays, doctors are also prone to give free advice. They don’t call you in but instead, listening to your description and symptoms, advice you on who to see or how to treat it. This is a huge relief to people who might have problems affording to check up with a doctor at a facility or because they are unable to find the time to actually visit a doctor. Other patients also give a lot of free advice which turns out to be pretty helpful.


You can find a lot of reviews and opinions about the doctor you may want to visit or the hospital you may want to admit into. Reviews are the best way of knowing if a certain center or doctor lives up to its reputation and if the services are what you require.

This is a time of communication and patients need to be able to communicate and get access to required information. By staying up to date and well-informed patients will be able to make better decision about their health.

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