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Writing a Killer Social Media Press Release

Writing a Killer Social Media Press Release :

… and going viral while you’re at it :

social media press release

  You’ve seen it many times already, when big technology companies decide to showcase their product to the masses, they do social media press releases. Twitter and Facebook start booming with the subject, and this eventually carries on to the other social media networks. No doubt, many of you are already thinking that there is great potential behind social media press releases , and that they can be used as an instrument to gain popularity, traffic and even backlinks for SEO. But what are the secrets to a good social media press release ? Here’s what we’ve set to find out in this article. 

Okay, your company’s press release might not gather as much retweets as Google’s or Apple’s , but there has to be a way to make a press release that would give you the desired results. Now let’s start thinking what  you can do about it.

Incorporate and Include Multimedia Content :

When Google launched their product to get fiber-optic connection to the masses, they didn’t just write about it. They made a video, which explained the basics of their project in not more than 3 to 5 minutes. This is what you should strive to emulate. It doesn’t have to be a video per se, but a way to engage with your visitors with something more than just plain text. Why not make an infographic, to explain the news about your company ? Or a full-blown gallery of your new product. Each of those things will be useful in your endeavor to please your audience and get a more successful social media press release.

Get to Know Your Audience:

First rule of any type of advertising is to know the people you’re advertising too. But social media press releases are rather more like PR, which is exactly why you should strive to better understand the people you’re catering to. What they want, how they want it , what would they be pleased to hear ? What makes them angry ? What can you say to make them feel less or more angry, depending on what you need ? These are all questions you need to answer to yourself before writing your social media press release.

Note to SEOs: Your readers are more important than Google’s crawlers:

Stuffing the text full of keywords is something most people somewhat associated with SEO would do. But they would be missing the point .How could you get more shares and a better social media press release, when your text itself looks bad, unreadable and uninformative ? And also , this point contradicts to our first one – SEOs avoid using multimedia because crawlers can’t make any use of it. But in the end , it’s the people who actually see your press release that get it far. So put them on the first place, and then hope for better SEO results.

Tiny little tidbits with help:

Those are a few small and self-explanatory tips about press releases that could be applied in social media press releases too :

  • Do not under any circumstances use ALLCAPS. That not only leaves a bad impression, but it’s also too ugly to read as well.
  • Avoid using more than 4 links per social media press release. This makes you look like a spammer and looking like a spammer should be avoided at all costs.
  • Do not use the same title when publishing the release on different social networks. That makes you come off as lazy to the people who found you on both places.
  • Do spellcheck. Typos happen even to the best.

A social media press release can help you stand out from the rest, or it can make you look like an underdog. It’s up to you to make a good press release and help your company’s good reputation.


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