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WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Blog Highly Secure

Security is paramount for a good blog :

wordpress security plugins

   One might think that hacker attacks require extreme intelligence, and knowledge beyond borders. And that is true, but only when the site has good security. If a site is not so well on the security front, it can be hijacked by hackers in no time, with minimal effort. Finding a way to protect your site is necessary if it’s very popular and you worry that it might become a potential target.  Yet not all of us are security experts, so what do we do to protect our sites  and blogs ? 

The answer is rather simple. As with nearly anything related to WordPress, we install a plugin prepared by the people who are more knowledgeable than us, and have bothered to fix certain loopholes in the system that we may not even comprehend.  In that regard, here’s a list of the top 5 security plugins for WordPress.

1.     BulletProof Security Plugin:

WordPress security plugins1

One of the top features on the market, BulletProof security offers users protection against many types of common hacker attacks, by protecting the Root folder and the wp-admin folder of the WordPress installations. Anything from the casual SQL injection to code injection attacks is covered for the sake of your blog’s protection.

2.     WordPress File Monitor Plus Plugin :

WordPress File Monitor Plus

This WordPress plugin serves the purpose of tracking any changes made to the files in your WordPress installation ,and notifying you by e-mail. It also has a version tracking system for your files, so basically it allows you to see when someone is doing something bad to your site.

3.     Black hole WordPress Plugin:

This plugin provides a trap for bots. Its principle of operation relies on using special hidden links in the page’s source code, and “lures” the bots to a page which is of no use to them. You might wonder why this is so awesome, and here’s an answer – bots can do very harmful things to a website. They can spam comments, harvest e-mails (which will later be used for spam) and do a variety of other malicious activities. This plugin helps you deal with them.

4.     WP Security Scan Plugin:

WP Security Scan plugin

This particular piece of software is very useful in detecting vulnerabilities in your WordPress installation .  The WP Security Scan plugin checks permissions on multiple files on the installation and alerts if some file has public access rights it shouldn’t. Passwords which are too simple are also alerted on this plugin so it might be of great use to you , should you need an improvement to security.

5.     Defensio Anti-Spam Plugin:

This plugin is basically a highly advanced spam filtering system, that allows little to no spam to reach your blog. With programing logic that analyzes the users and commenter’s behavior of the people on your website, it easily tracks suspicious comments and lets you delete them with ease. It can also generate RSS feeds of your comments, has a counter and the ability to produce graphs with many statistics.

Overall, security for websites is quite different form security for PCs. The risks are different, because websites, especially like the ones who run ready-made systems like WordPress, are already equipped with fine-calibrated security measures. However, that is not to say that they don’t need to be well protected in other ways, so there definitely is a need to make and use various fixes, most of which come in the form of plugins.


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