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Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins for 2014

Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins for 2014 :

The latest in making your web platform easier by Plugins:

Often times people wonder what is it that makes WordPress such a popular platform all over the Web.  And while many factors like a good community and a simple installer contribute to its popularity, my best guess is that it’s the quality of the Plugins released for WordPress that make it a preferred option. Lots of those plugins can help you set up an amazing site, with little or no worries about the actual technical side of the problem. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the latest favorites on the market though. Who knows, maybe there’s something that will help you do your work faster and easier in these particular plugins?

Without further ado, we’ll be stepping into the list. Keep in mind that they’re in no particular order, but they’re still the ten best.

1.WP Touch WordPress Plugins:

wp touch pluin

There’s a concept called Responsive Web Design that stands by the notion that each site should be most importantly easy to navigate on any device. To make your site comply to that notion, you often have to use complicated AJAX rewriting on the fly, media detection (finding out if the user is browsing on a phone or a PC) and lots of other things. Good news – WP Touch does it for you, with very little configuration too.  It’s your way out, if you want to have a good mobile version of your WordPress installation.We have explained in details about  Working of WP Touch Pro .

2.Gravity Forms WordPress Plugins:

Gravity Forms

Anyone who’s been into web design will tell you that if making a particular form isn’t hard, it’s at the very least very time consuming. Designing forms that will be easy to use by the user, look and feel good on your website and do the task they’re made to do is a challenging task for many, and a nearly impossible one for most. Even those who can actually do it, find it tedious and time consuming.Gravity Forms comes to the rescue, offering a graphical, mouse-operated and highly configurable way to make forms. It has nearly everything you need –styling options, multi-page forms, ability to do contact forms or payment forms. It’s virtually invaluable when it comes to forms.

3.WP Robot WordPress Automation plugin:

For those of us on the business end of blogging, there’s a plugin that offers us the opportunity to take the day off ! No , I’m serious , what WP Robot does is basically fetch and mix content from various places, making it look interesting and natural, and posting it afterwards. It’s the leader in the market for automated blogging, so if you ever need to go that path, WP Robot is your choice.

4.Five  sec Google Maps:

5 sec google maps

This plugin , as you might have guessed by its name, is a plugin to easily generate Google Maps for your WordPress installation. It’s easy to operate, and uses short codes, which allows you to generate your maps after not more than 5 minutes of skimming through the help.

5.WP Video Gallery:

video gallery plugin

Once again includable simply by short code, this plugin will generate an embedded video for your WordPress site. Along with the classic feature of embedding video from the most popular sites like Vimeo, YouTube and the likes of them, it also supports local video with an awesome player. A good feature is also its iPad compatibility.

6.Drop Shadow Boxes:

Drop Shadow Boxes plugin

Even the least experience with web design teaches you that shadows and rounded edges are one of the most difficult things to handle in the business. You need to know CSS and HTML at least. But there’s an easy solution with this plugin  – highly configurable and easy to make boxes for all your design needs.

7.HTML 5 j Query Audio Player:

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

You have probably seen a similar player available on sites like Groove shark. Whether you’re a hobby musician wanting to showcase your work, or you just want to have sound played on your website for different purposes, this plugin is for you.

8.Slide Deck 2 Lite:

Sliders became a vital element of modern-day web design several years ago. And while back then people used to implement their own solutions, nowadays it’s enough to get the right plugin. Slide Deck 2 Lite might be a perfect, simplistic but working solution.

9.Dynamic “To Top” Plugin:

This plugin provides a button to send you to the top of the page, which is highly customizable depending on your needs. Especially useful if your site has tutorials , or for some reason has other long pages. It came out in July this year , and has been downloaded thousands of times since.

 10.Hello Bar:

Another known design element, made easy to use with a plugin. This is a plugin that generates a bar on top of your page, allowing you to catch the focus of your visitors. It’s especially useful for contests or other special user engagement on your site. You can configure nearly everything about the bar.

hello bar

These are the plugins that have captivated the attention of users all around this year, and have the tendency to be doing better and better. We are yet to see what amazing new plugins will be available soon, since more good WordPress Plugins are probably being made as you are reading this.


  1. Hi, i am seeking some really top notch plugins for Classifieds, and business directories-something that looks fantastic and not tacky…if you can point me to some #1 plugins I am prepared to pay.

  2. w3total cache is missing..
    but great post..thanks

  3. Yes, you done a great job but you are missing some other important plugins witch are compulsory for wordpress.

  4. Nice list. My personal favorites that not on the list are

    Akismet –
    ClickDesk –

  5. WP Auto Affiliate Links will automate the adding of links inside your content.

  6. you’ve collected great gallery of WP plugins. I use some of them and since i have installed them my website is really more interesting for customers. Also there is one more great plugin which you did not mention – it is called UP YOUR SALE in codecanyon. That one is very good if you want to increase your sells, it can force your website to generate real money.

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