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Top 6 Plugins Every Blog Owner Should Have

Those who want to get more out of wordpress must need the top 6 plugins free but premium functionality that we are going to discuss here. Whether you have a blog set up now or you’re planning on setting one up, there’s probably a good chance that you’re going to use the WordPress platform.  Well, as you probably already know, there are thousands upon thousands of plugins that are available out there.  These plugins can help your blog’s performance, look and even add features that make your blog more functional.  Whatever the case may be, there are six plugins that every blog out there should have.

Akismet Comment Plugin :-

Spam is a pretty big problem on the web, and this is where Akismet comes in.  This plugin is already installed on WordPress by default, but it’s going to be your duty to activate it.  It will only take you a few minutes and you will thank yourself later once you do.  Once activated, you no longer have to worry about spam comments landing up on your blog and wasting your time.

All in One SEO Plugin :-

If you want some traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo!, the All in One SEO is going to make search engine optimization a lot easier.  With this plugin, you will be able to generate META tags, your title and make your URLs search engine friendly.  As one of the most popular plugins on the web, this plugin is highly recommended for those that want a search engine friendly site.

Google XML Sitemap :-

Complimenting the All in One SEO plugin, the Google XML Sitemap plugin is going to help assist search engines as they crawl your site.  The great thing about this plugin is that it’s going to automatically update it for you as you add content to your website.   Again, if you want to be seen in search engines, this is yet another plugin that you should have.

Yet Another Related Posts :-

If your blog is going to have more than a few hundred posts, you may want your user to stick on your website.  This is where the Yet Another Related Posts plugin is going to come into play.  With this plugin, it’s going to crawl your page and recommend other posts on your site to a user.  It’s up to you where you put this plugin, but most will place it at the bottom of the post.  This is a great way for people to click through and read other posts.

WP-DB-Backupax :-

One of the biggest nightmares that people have when it comes to a blog is losing everything that they have.  Sure, while your server can provide backups, can you really trust them?  With the WP-DB-Backup, this plugin is going to back up your database fast and easy.  When it’s backed up, it will shoot you an email with the file so that you can store it safely on your computer or a thumb drive.

Contact Form 7 :-

As our last plugin, the Contact Form 7 is a great plugin for blog owners that want to make it easy for people to reach out to them on their blog.  With this simple form, people can insert their name, address and a quick message.  All they have to do is click the submit button and you will receive it.  The great thing about this plugin is that you’re able to customize it to your liking.


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    I use WordPress SEO by Yoast and WP-Optimize, these two plugins are must have, too.

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