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Introducing WP Robot – Automated Blogging Isn’t Science Fiction

Introducing WP Robot – Automated Blogging Isn’t Science Fiction:

Setting up your blog to run on Autopilot :

Automatic is a word that’s become a part of our daily lives, and we usually associate it with something good. We strive to make everything less dependent on humans and it has become an obsession of ours – to try to conquer and tackle the processes we still have to do manually. Blogging has been considered something out of reach for that practice, because of the necessity for humanly meaningful content. Yet slowly but steadily, things are changing.

wp robot automation plugin

 The mistrust  regarding automatically generated content stems from the fact that most previous attempts to do that have resulted in utter failure. Most of the times, the results were staggeringly bad and had quite the adverse result of what was expected. And while it’s true that it’s hard to beat organic, man-made content, usage of blogging automation can be very beneficial to those who dare to try it.

For the best results, it is recommended to use about 30% to 50% “regular content” , while still filling the rest with automatic blog posts. This saves you time, and still keeps your visitors happy and interested. Beside that, it’s perfect for affiliate marketing using Ebay or Amazon’s program, since that’s where most of the content comes from.

Operating Principles of WP Robot :

The “science” behind it is that a person who wants an automated blog will have to use some tool to fetch, spin and post content, based on a particular set of rules called a campaign. Each campaign has its own keywords based on which content is fetched.  In addition to that, the campaign is set to post content in a specific way – ordered in categories ,  scheduled to do its work on specific time intervals and so on. This will provide the adversity and automation that your blog needs. Now if you don’t want to (and I’m 99.9% sure you don’t want to) write your own tool to do that, you can try the best one so far on the market.

The right tool to use, WP Robot :

WP Robot is one of the best tools created to do that job,  and it sustains its position at the top of the market namely because it’s easy to use, and has a great concept for randomization. Randomization is key for automated blogging, since it helps avoid penalties and makes automated content look organic and man-made to some extent.

The first thing I noticed was it’s extremely easy to start. You create a new campaign, If you’re too lazy, you keep the default name, which is OK. There are 3 types of campaign -  Keyword Campaign, RSS campaign and BrowseNode campaign.

Keyword Campaign is the general, default option which will allow you to look for content that matches certain keywords, mixes the content into posts on certain criteria, which you set a bit below on the same page,  and posts the results on a regular time interval, so that you can run it indefinitely.

wp robot automation plugin1

Using WP Robot’s templates you get to set the randomization of your post. There are limitless possibilities here, and you can supervise how the posts should look like, whether the template itself should be randomized, and lots of other options that allow you to make your automated content look better.

wp robot automation plugin2

Content comes from various sources, the WP Robot plugin has around 20 modules which gather it from all around the web – Amazon , Ebay, YouTube, Clickbank and many other sites.

The RSS campaign mode uses RSS feeds propagation, as you would expect from it , and from my experience it handles the task pretty well.

All in all, if you are willing to experiment with automated blogging and save lots of your time,  running WP Robot might  turn out to be the best decision, compared to other products of the same type. Good luck with running on autopilot, and remember to use it moderately!


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