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Get Paid To Write: Make Blogging Your Startup Business

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For many blogging is simply a hobby. It’s a more public form of journal writing, which allows you to share your personal viewpoint with the world whilst developing your style as a writer. Many people enjoy blogging as a simple pleasure, without considering its business potential. As so much business is now achieved entirely online, bloggers are beginning to be a powerful force in the consumer markets. Companies used to pay for journalists and newspapers to write about their products, but now bloggers are the ones with the power to dictate good taste and to drive spending. Many bloggers do this as a part and parcel of their regular writing, but there are an increasing number using their power as a commodity to sell. Others ahead of the curve have already realised that there is enormous potential in blogging and have begun to base whole business models on blogging as a practice.

If you’re a blogger, there’s no reason that you too should not be participating in this new frontier. There are plenty of opportunities out there to convert your personal hobby into a cash income. There are also plenty of ways to then convert this into a fully functioning business, operating in the new realm of advertising. The only thing separating you from making money is a few hours of research and some organisation. Fortunately for you we’ve taken the opportunity to assemble some of the more hassle-free ways of converting your hobby into a paying business.

Advertising Blogs

If you don’t want to write as yourself, then you should consider writing for an established advertiser. Writing in this capacity, you will be responsible for blogging in direct promotion of a given product or service. It can be a challenging way to hone your writing skills, but it is very similar in nature to more traditional advertising work

To get work like this you may have to demonstrate your established capacity as a writer. You may apply to a blog which focuses on providing sponsored articles to a variety of clients, or you may want to look into working for one client only. In the latter case you can establish a rapport with your audience, and are more capable of writing comprehensively on one subject. If you think you’d prefer to write about a number of things then the former might be for you. In this case you will often get to write about the intersection of a product and current affairs. This can be a more challenging and rewarding experience which more closely aligns to print journalism.

SEO Writing

Writing for SEO purposes is a more technical and specific form of writing for the web. When you write for SEO you are generally writing in a specific way, to improve the engagement of a specific brand or product with the internet. As an SEO writer, you will generally work with an agency, so this isn’t the best transition between blogging as a hobby and a career. It can be a shock to move from your home laptop to filling available office space in Liverpool.

You may want to consider a more casual role before you take up a position such as this, but it can eventually be one of the more lucrative blogging practices. In the same way that brands used to want to be talked about in the papers, they now want to be talked about on the internet. That way, when someone is searching for a new phone or laptop their brand will be the top ranked search result.

Paid Placements

If you have established a voice and a loyal audience, you will be able to consider writing paid product placements. When you begin talking about the things that concern you, it’s likely to attract readers of a similar demographic. Advertisers will often pay a lot to have access to a particular group in concentrated numbers, and as a blogger you can accept money in return for paid placements.

This can be a difficult one to pull off. You need to choose products that you would actually use, and write about them in a way that will still be appealing to your audience. You shouldn’t do too many articles, as your blog will lose its appeal. But you will still want to make a fair bit of cash from your hobby. This is a great option if you want to take your personal blog to the next level while also receiving a bit of cash on the side.

Community Engagement

This is a bit further from the regular form of blogging. With social media platforms now hosting a massive amount of content there is a call for bloggers to work with engaging the community on the subject of products. Bloggers might work with Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr or WordPress in order to promote a dialogue regarding the client’s product. Similar to SEO writing, this sort of work tends to come through agencies, where a number of clients will want to have their products promoted.

If you have proven yourself to have a fantastic rapport with your readers, then it this can be a fantastic road to go down. You won’t be writing full articles in the way that you have been used to. Instead you will be writing shorter pieces or status updates which will encourage other uses to respond. Then you will be responsible for replying to their comments, and building a further dialogue. This can be a more interactive way of getting your fix, which can be more sociable than traditional blogging.


You should think about what you want from your blogging experience before you begin to consider making money from it. Whether you’re looking to change your career or just want to make a bit of extra cash on the side, there are ways to get whatever you want. You should be thinking about whether blogging is a pleasurable hobby for you, or more of a means to an end. In the latter case you may be more suited to a career-orientated role whilst in the former you should consider monetising some aspects of your blog.

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