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The Prominence Of Android App Development In Mobile Arena

Android app development is incessantly growing into one of the highest paying profession in the past few years. However, to generate a hefty revenue, one has to come up with an innovative app idea that can stand out in the pool of applications already available in the market. By observing the way Android is becoming the preference of many businesses, it can be anticipated that this mobile platform is going to hold the reins in the future.

The analytics and stats reports clearly represent that Android is already possessing a dominating user base with maximum market shares. In this article, I will throw some light on certain key points that add to the prominence of this mobile platform. Let’s explore them.

  1. Google Play – An authentic hub for a plethora of Android apps

Google runs an authentic application store, popular as Google Play Store, where Android developers can easily release their applications publicly and target a huge audience base. The Play Store is easily accessible to people across the globe, and thousands of Android apps are downloaded from this store daily. Unlike Apple App Store, launching applications on the Play Store is absolutely simple, and you can instantly publish your application on the store (without waiting for any approval like iOS applications need from the Apple App Store). Moreover, the UI of the Play store makes it extremely convenient for user to browse the available categories and find a suitable application.

  1. Supports a gigantic world of applications


With Android platform, you can develop an app for almost any need. There are truckloads of enterprises that offer app development services for any niche business. One can easily embrace a mobile solution to leverage his organization and reach a wider audience base by hiring professionals to get a suitable app developed. You can choose any types of application, including news, utilities, finance, business, gaming, personal, weather and the list continue. Moreover, unlike Apple iOS, there are several mobile companies that support Google Android. These companies include, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Motorolla, Micromax, and more.

  1. Android App development and release is an easy pie


 Android application development is a scrutinized process that can be easily learned and after having expertise in the fundamental programming languages, one can easily get started. Google has dramatically improved the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and keep it updated with the latest technologies. This further helps developers to create a requisite application with a flair by offering a set prolific development tools and APIs.

The tools included in the Android SDK can be easily accessed via the ADT. The Google documentation and tutorials also help one to proficiently create an application. Moreover, you can easily test your app once it is created by using the logging and debugging tools available in the SDK.

  1. Testing an Android application is a flawless process


The Android SDK is an excellent tool that is loaded with incredibly useful tools and frameworks that help developers to efficiently create a file with .APK format, which Linux considers as a distinct file. This .APK file is then assigned with a unique user ID. It, thus, facilitates developers to run their apps with different virtual machines. There are several components included in an Android application, including content providers, activities, broadcast receivers, and so forth. The framework automatically manages the processes and make them work in harmony. This helps experts to test Android applications without any hassles.

  1. There is Merely any Security concerns with Android App Development


Application developers are often highly concerned about their app security, as an insecure app can ruin their business. By developing an app for the Android platform, you can keep the malware and other vulnerabilities at bay. However, professionals need to test their apps thoroughly to ensure the ultimate security.

From Consumers’ Perspective

Although the tech giants Google and Apple are in a fierce competition with their mobile Operating Systems Android and iOS respectively, one thing is for sure that we are only going to have amazing benefits of these rapidly advancing technologies. However, the agile advancement in the Android platform can’t be ignored. This is ultimately the reason for a dramatic increase in the market shares of Android.

Android app development has garnered a great popularity with a formidable fan following. Not only users, but developers also admire Android for its incredibly useful attributes. Its whopping number of users and the rapidly increasing revenue generated by Android application clearly encourages students and developers to choose Android development as their career.

Author Bio: Juana Steves is an experienced Android programmer for Xicom Technologies – android app development company. You can hire android developer with her best assistance and advices.

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