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Top Essential Plugins for WordPress Multisite

To Manage Multisite on wordpress platform you need lots of works but with help of this good Essential plugins and tools you can make your task easy be relax.

Best WordPress Multisite Plugins :-

If you wordpress user and owning multiple sites of same or different categories then you must found yourself in trouble for some task. But fortunately wordpress comes with hundreds of plugins and widgets which makes it easy to even manage different blogs from same networks. Simply install any or all plugins listed below and get juice of mutisites on same wordpress admin panel.

WP Recent Network Posts

Most need plugin for multi site network which provides one widgets which can place to get recent posts from all the sites associated with your network. You can also have setting for how much post to display with thumbnail option and other necessary thing you can do.

Organizational Message Notifier

If you have multiple site with different admin and want to have communication between them then this plugin is best suitable for you. It allow you post notification message for all the blog admins that will be shown until they mark all messages as read. As a network supervisor you can see who have read the message.

Multisite Plugin Manager

This is my favorite and must have plugin multisite owner, Since it allow you to manage plugins from one dashboard for your all the network sites. You can easily activate and disable any plugins from any site, Even its allow you to have mass action for your entire list of sites. So you don’t need to go trough each site for managing the plugin you can easily do with one roof.

Multisite Privacy Plugin

This tool at another 4 level of security for your entire wordpress network by allowing you to have 4 option like any registered users on the network can view site; Allow only subscribers or users of the site to view it; Allow access to only administrators of the site; or require a single password to access the site.

Multisite Dashboard Switcher

It allow administrator of wordpress network to switch from one site to another site by simply one click. This plugin makes your dashboard in tabbed manner and you can easily change and get into another site.

Sitewide Recent Images

This plugin provides cool widget that shows feature recent images from all the multisite blogs on the network. It was written to be highly optimized for performance and scalable for large networks. It has several setting like privacy option for any blog to not grabs images attached to posts from that blog.

WPMS Site Maintenance

As name implies it allows the super admin to make entire network or main site or all the sites related to the network into the maintenance mode. You can add attention grabbing text and with displaying a customizable maintenance page.

Network Plugin Auditor

This script or tool allow you to audio the performance and usage of each plugins used by you entire wordpress network blogs. You can easily identify which site uses which plugin with its memory usage and other helpful tips.

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