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5 Most Essential SEO Plugins for WordPress

Most Essential WordPress Plugins for 2012 :

The plugins good bloggers don’t go without :

WordPress is the leader when it comes to blogging and it has a significant position in the blogging systems market.  In the Technorati Top 100 blogs, 47 run some sort of WordPress installation , even though it’s highly modified to suit their needs., the home page of the system, hosts nearly 19 thousand different plugins!  So now that the staggering statistics have confirmed that WordPress plugins are rich in variety, we have to find the ones that are essential for the running of a good blog that meets modern day standards. 

The plugins that make it to the top usually aren’t there because of trending , but because they solve common problems or optimize WordPress for very particular necessities. They change very often, because the market for different functionalities grows exponentially with time, and so does the base of available top plugins.

But as of now, November 2012, the list of top plugins would probably comprise of these:

  1. WP Touch – this plugin was made for administrators who wish to have a mobile website version without the hassles of rewriting their entire site. WP Touch is a plugin which dynamically rewrites your page to fit perfectly on your mobile screen. With Responsive Web Design in mind, this plugin is perfect if you want to expand your market to mobile internet users.
  2. All In One SEO – for all your basic SEO needs, this plugin provides nifty optimizations that make on-page SEO seem easy as pie. It allows you to easily modify meta information for each page or post and is crucial if you want to rank higher.
  3. Askismet – a leading plugin in spam detection , Akismet checks your comments and trackbacks for malicious spam, and by cross-referencing to its own huge database of known spam bots, provides your blog with a spam-free appearance.
  4. Contextual Related Posts – this plugin takes the content of your site and finds relevant content to put on display, by fetching information from various feeds. It helps you retain the interest of your visitors by offering them relevant information that may suit their needs, and also makes your blog look more organic, SEO-wise.
  5. W3 Total Cache – this plugin helps you optimize your site’s caching, clears the whitespace of your code and in its own way produces faster load speeds, which are essential when catering to users with slow internet connections. Load speed is also measured when Google ranks your site, so this is also a good investment from an SEO point of view.

These are the top 5 most functional plugins for WordPress, as of November 2012. Who knows what we can expect next ? Perhaps it will be something even more astonishing.


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