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How to Get More Twitter Followers

Tips for increasing the number we care most about :

It may not always be about numbers, and we all know that count is not what defines you as a popular and accomplished person on Twitter, but it does have some psychological effect as well as some actual benefits on our efforts. Having more Twitter followers gives you an image of authority, expands your social reach to others and might even increase your potential for sales and promotion – those are the main reasons to look for a higher follower count. But how do we do it ? 


Let’s begin by how NOT to do it, as many people who look for fast and easy ways often get caught in that trap. As with almost anything , you can’t have your cake and eat it too, which in this case means that you can’t get quality followers in high numbers, and get them fast too. It’s either one or the other.

Don’t try buying followers (which is apparently possible, as some people have started offering it), because you’ll be buying nothing but zombie account followers , which will have no reaction to whatever you’re tweeting about… they will be just a vain number. Don’t try using software to build a higher follower count, since that is against Twitter policy and you can be severely penalized.  Having all this in mind, let’s explore what you can do to get more followers.

Be selective in who you are following

When you follow someone you obviously don’t know, hoping they’ll follow you back, try to pick people from your own industry or field of interest. This means that they are also likely to be interested in what you’re tweeting about. This mutual benefit will allow you to build a higher count of followers who might explore the content of your tweets,  and even retweet your quality content, causing more followers for you.

Add a faceshot on your profile

As silly and unimportant as it might sound to you, people are actually more trusting of accounts who have a picture on them. It has more personal appeal, and  the boldness of showing your face to the world translates into “I’m not a spammer!” to most people. So including a picture is essential to having more followers.

Tweet interesting material, not old news

Statistic research has shown that tweeting about old information is the mother of all disappointments for Twitter users. To avoid letting your potential new followers down, strive to avoid that, and instead provide links to content that will pique there interest to the point where they say “I want to see more from this guy”. This is not easy to do, but it’s one of the pillars to having more followers on Twitter.

Add a bio :

You’ve been given 160 characters to briefly describe yourself. Use them wisely. Any appeal you can build with your bio is more than welcome if you’re trying to get new followers.  If  one of your tweets was retweeted , and new people liked your post, they’ll likely want to know more about the person behind it. Give that  to them, and they might even develop more sympathy for you.

Tweet often, but don’t drown your followers :

Despite the fact that you can and should promote your product or service over Twitter as much as you can, you must not allow yourself to be seen as a blatant spammer in the eyes of people who don’t know you or your intentions. The more you seem like a broken record, the less new followers you’ll have.  It’s a hard truth to bear, but please – don’t overdo promotion.

Follow the tips above, and remember to maintain a presence of a contributor and an actual person. Twitter may be used as a tool to propel your business, but you should always remain a bit personal about it, if you want that tool to work.


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