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The 9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins


With millions upon millions of blogs and websites on the internet, you would think that making sure your website can easily be found would be an insurmountable task. However, it simply comes down to search engine optimization (SEO), which can be considered as a cross between an art and a science. You can write the highest quality, most engaging content for your readers on a daily basis, but if you don’t have good SEO then your website will never grow in size. Fortunately, WordPress has some excellent plugins which are purely dedicated to SEO which can help search engines discover ... Read More »

The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

When you want to run your own blog or an easy-to-manage content site, WordPress is a free application that allows you to do just that, regardless of the level of programming skills you have. When you choose to use the WordPress application as your blog’s site structure, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to layouts and themes in addition to plugins. WordPress plugins are files and third-party software that installs with your existing WordPress installation. Your WordPress site will still be the same, but you will have added features depending on the plugin you have ... Read More »

15 Useful Widgets and Scripts for Blogger


Widgets are of great use for blogging with WordPress of Blogger.They make blogging really really easier .They can be used interactively and can be proved useful.We are presenting you with 15 most useful widgets and scripts for blogger.If you have some other please add your valuable feedback. Below are widgets that can be easily installed by blogger widgets installer. Recent Comments List : Comments can really be useful for users to judge the content you have written or the reputation of your blog.This widgets helps you to add recent comments with lots of valuable options such as no of comments ... Read More »

15 Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress


Earlier this week, I posted a few tips for adding a tweet button on your web site, in an email or a PDF file, and on your Facebook Page. In that post, I briefly mentioned the vast number of social sharing and bookmarking plugins that are available for WordPress. I thought a useful follow-up post would be a look at some of the options you can explore if you want to add social sharing functionality to your WordPress blog. Do you make it easy for your blog readers to share your posts? What social sharing plugin tops your list? Sticky ... Read More »

How To Make Your Website Load Faster


How To Make Your Website Load Faster : It’s not only a matter of “good” , but of “fast” as well If you’ve been into the business of making websites, you probably know that on the very technical side, website loading speed depends on the speed with which the client browser, your server’s capabilities regarding to speed, and most importantly the size of the code and images behind the webpage. Since we can’t affect the speed of the client (it’s fixed by his Internet provider) we’ll try to direct these tips at lowering the size of your webpage, which is ... Read More »

What Are WordPress Plugins? And how do we put them to use?


WordPress plugins Really helps : No piece of software is perfect, neither can it do absolutely everything you need it to, at any given time. Taking that into consideration, the smart people that built WordPress made it able to extend its functionality beyond the defaults, in order to bring us a high quality product we can use to build our websites easily. Plugins come in many different shapes and varieties, doing many different things. But let’s dig in further.  Plugins may be somewhat separate pieces of software that provide extra functionality, but to bring it to WordPress, they use the ... Read More »