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15 Useful Widgets and Scripts for Blogger

Widgets are of great use for blogging with WordPress of Blogger.They make blogging really really easier .They can be used interactively and can be proved useful.We are presenting you with 15 most useful widgets and scripts for blogger.If you have some other please add your valuable feedback.

Below are widgets that can be easily installed by blogger widgets installer.

Recent Comments List :

Comments can really be useful for users to judge the content you have written or the reputation of your blog.This widgets helps you to add recent comments with lots of valuable options such as no of comments to display,thumbnails etc.Take a sure look at this awesome widget.

Add a recent comments widget to your blog

Recent posts List :

A list of recent post is effective way to showcase your recent content to users.It helps users to see you previous posts and you never know if they find it useful and turn into a loyal visitor to your site.


Top contributers :

A reward for a contribution makes a person happy.Use this widget to reward your top commenting user by displaying their name.

Add Top Commentators widget to your blog (Originally constructed by GoogleSystem and widgetized by Blogger Buster)

Popular Posts/Most Commented

Most commented is definitely one of the important factor to judge most popular post.Readers find such list attractive and mostly end up reading such posts.This widgets helps you to list down your most polular posts.

Add Popular Posts/Most Commented widget to your blog

List of Random Posts :

When you have numerous post’s on your blog many post’s are buried deep down and have no visibility.This widget can work for such posts by displaying them randomly and giving them some visibility.

Add a random post link to your blog (by Phydeaux3)

Search box widget :

A search box is a most needed widget for any blog.This widget provides you a simple search box which works fine .

Install a simple search form in your blog

Random Messages and quotes :

It can be used to display random messages and quotes.We can select the no no of messages or quotes we want to display.When you change a theme the widget adjusts itself and you have no need to reinstall it.

Install a random message widget in your Blogger blog

List of useful scripts:

Below is the list of useful scripts that may help you in editing the html code or customizing the blog template.Its easy and we believe this widgets might be useful.

Table of Contents

Its really useful to use this widgets.It gives your blog content in table form.You can sort your catogaries,recent posts etc.Have a look for a better understanding.

Read more and install Table of Contents widget

Tab View Widget

It displays the latest posts/comments etc in tab view saving your space with maximum content.
Hoctro's Tab View Widget

Installation of this widget is explained by hoctro. Have a look and enjoy this awesome widget.

Learn more and install a tab-view widget in your blog (Created by Hoctro)

Tag Cloud (Based on Blogger Labels)

Tag/Label Cloud for BloggerTags are the words you set to define you posts.A tag cloud bring all the tags together in other words it displays all your posts in a very small space.A beautiful widget which definitely deserves a attention.

Read more and install Blogger tag/label cloud in your blog (Created by Phydeaux3)

Related Posts

When as a user you finish reading a post you always look if you have some related content to read.This widget allows you to don exactly that.It displays 3 (you can choose ) posts related to the current post.

Read more and install related posts for your Blogger blog (Jackbook version)

Archive Calendar

Archieve calender displays all you post by date and month.It helps to synchronise the content .If you want to display all your post this is a widget for you.

Read more and install the Blogger Archive Calendar in your blog (by Phydeaux3)

We hope it was useful article for you.If you find this article share it with your friends.Feedback is warmly welcomed.


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