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How Essential Is SSL Certificate for Securing Your WordPress Site?

It becomes imperative to keep your WordPress website secure and safe. You heard about the assorted cyber attacks news. However, with the help of SSL certificate, you can keep your site protected with ease. With this, you can keep your website’s data secure from the hackers and other technical mishaps. In fact, this allows your web users to share information to your site through encrypted transfer protocols.

Security Technology: SSL Connection

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a trustable security technology, used for setting up an encrypted link between the web server and a browser. The main purpose of SSL is to allow the web user and the server to exchange the data securely. Many of websites are using SSL all around the world, which is playing a vital role in protecting online transactions. In order, to code a site and create an SSL connection, then you need to install an SSL certificate on your web server.

Who require SSL Certificate?

A blog owner requires SSL connection on the blog with an objective to facilitate the blog readers.


How to get SSL certificate?

The Blogger or website owner gets an SSL from the trustworthy seller. You can buy the PositiveSSL from that provides the cheap and great services. After buying a certificate, you would be inquired to access a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from your hosting provider. In fact, you can also get the same by using a command instantly through a link called SSH.

Upon getting CSR, you need to present it to the certificate seller and he will send you a confirmation email to your on your domain name. After that, they revert with the certificate and necessary file in a zip form. Then, an SSL certificate in the form of text is emailed to the hosting provider who does all settings to operate SSL certificate on your server.

However, there are various obstacles that most of the blogs suffers while securing themselves by SSL:

Use of external Linked Files: In order to avoid insecure communication, then should not use external linked files over unprotected links. It includes importing of an image straightly from a link. But doing so may harm your secure communication.

Advertisement: It is the most common on Google Adsense that is sourced from the third party network. This offers them a link with the size to your blog and they provide you a simple encode. The main role of the code is to raise the standard of the advertisement with the blog’s posts and content. Obviously, applying third party network quickly evaporates the use of website’s security. This could increase the chances of hacking or theft.

Advantages of SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate keeps your admin panel, its activities and communication secure. Usually, a blogger access WordPress admin page to post articles and for that, he stays there for a long time. It means that these activities do not include third party network and that keeps your WordPress account safe and secure.

If your blog consist any kind of payment in the form of subscription, donations, etc. then the page exchange between your blog page payment gateways are protected by SSL connection. This can create hurdles for the hackers to get into the site.


The benefits of SSL connection are driving the interest of many of blog owners those are looking for a security technology that can protect their blog or site from the hackers. Hopefully, this blog has able to enlighten some of the essential factors of using an SSL certificate. Today, many of the website owners are able to secure their website & blogs and also access a 100% secure SSL connection.

Author Bio:  Lucy Barret, a Sr. WordPress developer at WPGeeks Ltd. has written this article. She specialized in converting HTML to WordPress and WordPress Customization projects. She takes writing as her hobby and loves to share her knowledge through her tutorials.

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