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5 Free Pinterest WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins :

Pinterest is one of the latest additions in the internet’s social network platform market, expanding
ever so rapidly in usage. Follow us here to get more updates from us on our Pinterest profile.
And in this post I’ll introduce some exclusively free Pinterest WordPress plugins.

In its essence, Pinterest is not so different from Facebook or Twitter with their Share and Re-
tweet options, however the difference is that it is shaped like a virtual pin board on which you
“pin” things.

Pinterest is quite a good tool when it comes to organizing all those marvelous things you see on
the Internet. Quite like the pin boards used in real life, you can organize your favorite recipies,
clothes, even weddings. And the best thing about is that you can browse other people’s pinboards
based on common interests and get inspiration from them.

But just as with any other social network, people have already developed WordPress plugins to
make integration easy

Pin It On Pinterest :

Pin It On Pinterest is a plugin that allows you to select a certain portion of your post to be
published on Pinterest, and put’s a Pin It button on the end of your posts.

Pin It On Pinterest

Pin It On Pinterest »

Pinterest Pinboard Widget :

Aiming to create a similar experience to pin boards on Pinterest, this plugin is a widget that
fetches content from Pinterest and puts it on your page. It actually fetches thumbnails and images
directly, so it looks really similar.

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Pinterest Pinboard Widget »

Pinterest RSS Widget :

With this plugin, you’ll be able to fetch the contents of a Pinterest user’s RSS feed and display
the images on your WordPress sidebar. You can configure it to show images only or include the
description, and you can also set dimensions for the images to fit your own theme

Pinterest RSS Widget

Pinterest RSS Widget »

Pretty Pinterest Pins :

This modern looking plugin gives you the opportunity to display thumbnails and links to the
latest Pins from a Pinterest profile. It can be your own , or someone else’s profile and it is styled
like Pinterest to get a great look.

Pretty Pinterest Pins

Pretty Pinterest Pins »

Pinterest “Pin It” Button :

Simple yet efficient, this plugin allows you to encourage your readers to pin your content, with
an on page “Pin it” button. A recipe for good visual bookmarking!

Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest “Pin It” Button »

please feel free to share if you know some best WordPress plugins.


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  2. Hi! Cool and useful collection! Thank you for sharing :)
    I’ll use one of them for my blog

  3. Great list, although I tried installing “Pin It On Pinterest” and had troubles with it. It was just showing blank image.

    Any solutions for this? Kind regards

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