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Floating Social Media buttons for WordPress Blog

Floating Social Media buttons for WordPress Blog

What makes WordPress stand out is its ability to adjust with numerous useful plugins which make our life easier using them.Earlier when you or your visitor wanted to share something from your blog they needed to copy and paste your url on social media sites.If not these there used be a lot of complicated coding to add these buttons to you blog.

Nowadays you may be seeing floating social media buttons on almost every blog.IF you are new to it we will show you how to add floating social buttons on your blog.Slick Social Share Buttons plugin allows you to add social buttons in just a few minutes without any coding complications.Here are the simple steps how to add this really useful plugin to you blog.

Social Share Buttons

Install the Plugin

  • Go to following link download it from WordPress and download this plugin on your desktop.
  • After this go to your WordPress dashboard >>plugins>>add new>>upload

Social Share Buttons

  • After uploading the plugin install and activate the plugin.
  • After activating you may see the slick social share link on your dashboard.
  • From this option we are going to configure plugin settings.

Plugin Settings :

  • From type select the type : floating or slide out
  • In second option select location
  • If you want to disable floating effect you can do it from upper right corner.
  • Screenshots below may help you understand.

Social Share Buttons

You can set which buttons to display and on which posts or pages to display the buttons.

Advantages :

  • You can share content directly from your page within seconds .
  • Your users can share content in least efforts on Facebook,twitter,g+ etc.
  • In one click you can submit links to social bookmarking sites.
  • It can drastically increase your social following.

If you have any suggestions let us know.We believe in spreading knowledge so share this post if it is useful to you.



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