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Top Testimonials Widgets Plugins in WordPress

Testimonials of your clients is good thing to show customer sanctification but most of time problem is where to find widgets or Plugins which you can use in your wordpress or blogger blog platform with Rotating or Random mode.

If you are running e-commerce or corporate wordpress site and want to monetize and enrich your user experience then you should follow few steps. Like Having strong design of blog, Well written content to get first look of visitors, highly effective offers to increase conversions offers and feature of your products or services, good contact forms and finally you should also put feedbacks or Testimonials  from your recent client to get enough trust on your service. If you want WordPress Portfolio Themes to even have nice look of your blog then you can download it from our older article.

Here in this tutorial we will show you how you can create automatically random rotating jquery Testimonials area in your wordpress blog without any coding knowledge. Actually we recently asked from one of our customer to create and show the Testimonials on their site having details like Client Name, Company Name, Link of Portfolio and their feedback so we decided to show same thing in front of our users as well.

SiteBase WordPress Testimonials Plugin :-

With the help of plugin you can easily create/collect/manage and show testimonials of your clients and customers. It has widget to display testimonials and which can be managed by admin with help of Custom post type. By adding the shortcodes you can show a form in your site’s frontend so that your clients can submit their own testimonials. Process is so simple Client submit their feedback and at back end admin has to accept it to make it active.

Testimonials Plugin Features :-

  • Highly Formatted and Well documented, So you don’t need to do anything.
  • Consist Custom Page Type to manage testimonials.
  • Easy to use and Support for translations to other languages .
  • Shortcode to show last or random testimonials with rotating manner.
  • Highly customizable to use in any themes and templates.
  • Handy method to query your testimonials.
  • You are free to approve or disapprove any testimonials by one click only.

Missing Features for this WordPress Testimonials Plugin :-

  • No any images are shown and no any option is provided to show the image of your client.
  • You don’t have control on which testimonials are showing on sidebar.
  • You can not show half or small portion of any testimonials if its long .

In order to active and run this pluing you can watch the video for same or you want the demo and screenshot please visit below link for more details. You can see Live Preview Or image Screenshots.

List of Top WordPress Testimonials Plugins :-

Flexi Quote Rotator

LTW Testimonials

Random Testimonials

You can try any of above plugin to see how its works. Just install and activate in your wordpress blog and follow their documentation if you have any query. Alternatively you can also post your comments here.


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