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Top 10 Premium, WordPress Menus Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Premium Menus Plugins:

This is a list of the Top and Premium Plugins which can give your WordPress blog a new ,
shining and fresh look.

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

 UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin


A simple yet highly customizable plugin, Uber Menu is both user friendly and with many options
to tinker with. You’d be amazed to find out that it works out of the box with the WordPress 3
Menu System. So if you need a Mega Menu WordPress plugin, this is one of your options


WP Sticky Menu Plugin


 WP Sticky Menu Plugin


Sticky Menu Plugin allows you to select your styles from a panel called the options panel. From
there you can change the alignment of the menu, the animation effect or the width of the menu
(Full width or 980px)

This plugin comes with 8 different styling option for whatever suits your tasts better – you
can have it shiny or rather plain. With just a few CSS lines you can change the menu style to
whatever you want, and apply it through the options panel.


Fading Menu with Notification Bar and Social Icons


 Fading Menu with Notification Bar and Social Icons


Fading Menu with Notification Bar comes as a WordPress Plugin , and allows you to make a
custom menu defined by you or a main menu, and adds the additional extra of a notification bar.
To see how it works, simply scroll down your browser, and you’ll see how nice it looks!

This WordPress Plugin is simple but well made. It generates the menu from your main
WordPress menu or any additional menus you may have added in your WordPress Appearance/
Menu settings. You’ll see what makes it different when scrolling down – a notification bar will
be there at the top of your browser, on a predefined position you’ve selected in pixels from the

Notification bars are growing quite popular these days, and you may use this plugin with a
simple text editor to add links, different colors and various headlines or recent tweets to your
notification bar, keeping your site fresh.

The fading menu can easily be stuffed with social icons, with an URL and alt text. Nothing limits
the amount of social icons you can add, and you may also find a lot of social icons to get on


Sticklr WP – Sticky Side Panel WordPress Plugin


 Sticklr WP - Sticky Side Panel WordPress Plugin


Inspired by the Envato site-switcher and originally done for CSS3+ jQuery, Stickr WP is a sticky
side panel menu incorporated into a WordPress plugin. The benefits are many, but one that
immediately sticks out is its ease of configuration and ease of use – you don’t need to have any
knowledge of coding to use this plugin.

jQuery Searchable 3 Level Accordion For WordPress

 jQuery Searchable 3 Level Accordion For WordPress


Here are just some of the many dignities of the jQuery Searchable 3 Level Accordion

  • It can be nested to up to 3 levels
  • It is fully standards compliant
  • It has good search functionality
  • It can easily be configured to use your own text or a WordPress menu
  • It comes with 4 skins and it can be used with both shortcodes and as a widget

CSS3 Mega Menu WordPress Plugin


 CSS3 Mega Menu WordPress Plugin


The CSS3 Mega Menu WordPress Plugin does not rely on JavaScript in any way and will help
you get your Mega Menus for WordPress using only CSS.

It allows you to add several Mega Menus to your WordPress installation and still manually
configure each and one of them.

You can use the Mega Menu Widget and add the menus to widgetized areas, or you can use the
built-in functions directly into your theme files, this depends on your skills and intentions.

Content generated from this plugin can be made into 6 columns based on the 960 grid system.

The 9 color variants and 2 dropdown themes give your menus a variety of looks and there is full

The included shortcodes can help you make lists, organize your content or apply different styles
to your images.


Path Style Menu


 Path Style Menu


This menu is probably one of the reasons that the Path application skyrocketed in the App store
– the UI of the menu is distinctive and you can gain an advantage over your competitors with its
stylish looks.

Now you can get the simplicity of the Path menu for the cost of minimal CSS3 and Javascript,
with no external dependencies, which means it will load fast as lighting, not taking up any
bandwidth. This also makes it the preferable tool when designing for tablets or other mobile
devices, where low bandwidth is important.

Its operating principle is to show the “child” buttons in an arc around the parent button. The user
can then select either one of the child menu buttons or go back by clicking the main button again.
This makes navigating through menus on mobile devices extremely easy and responsive.


WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin


 WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin


For a clean and finished look of your WordPress menus, many people recommend this plugin.
It allows you to safely and easily hide certain menus which is especially convenient if you are
working on client sites and you don’t want your clients to see certain parts of the admin panel

The plugin works for standard as well as custom user roles – these can be defined with a variety
of WordPress plugins such as Members or User Role Editor. It also supports a plentitude of
menus added by other plugins.

It will not mess your database since it uses only one option which it can easily remove should
you ever need to uninstall it.


Menu Management Enhancer for WordPress


 Menu Management Enhancer for WordPress


Aimed at improving the experience of not the user but the manager or administrator, the
Wordpress 3 Menu Management Enchancer helps you more easily edit menus on your
Wordpress installation – sort of like the WordPress 3 Menu Management System, but better.

Beinga back-end , it merely provides you with a more convenient way to access your
administration options that are already part of WordPress. It affects the Appearance > Menu
screen and only it, which is a major advantage to those who only wish to change that.


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