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A WPtouch Pro – Easily Making a Mobile Interface for Your Site

A WPtouch Pro – Easily Making a Mobile Interface for Your Site :

It Might Not Be That Hard to Conquer the Mobile Market With The Help of WPtouch !

It’s no secret that designing for tablets and mobile devices has become necessary in order to survive in the harsh web world today. The demand for mobile optimized sites is growing every day, and some visitors will just not revisit your site if it’s not mobile compliant. Sure , you can hire someone to do the redesigning for you , but is there a simpler way of doing it yourself ? Here’s where WPtouch steps in.

In all sincerity, I must say that I was pretty skeptical at first. It’s a common reaction, when someone tells you their product is completely automatic and will do everything for you,  if you only bother to set it up. On top of all , they claimed setting it up wasn’t that hard either. Completely in disbelief, I decided to check out for myself.  Below you’ll find out what turned up.

The Set-Up of WPtouch Pro :

What makes a good first impression is that the settings are well-categorized, giving the user the ability to easily define what their site needs to look like after the plugin takes effect. There are many and different options to make your site more readable – for example , WP Touch allows you to shorten your blog’s title if it’s obviously too big to handle by any mobile device. There are options to let you turn comments  on and off,  show tags or not , pretty much everything you can think of setting for your mobile website. There’s also the option of loading custom icons to be used for the mobile version. They an be redefined in any and all ways in which you might want them.

wp touch pro1

The Plugin’s Functionality :

WPTouch PROwp touch pro2







Here’s where I really became impressed. After not more than 5 minutes of setting up,  I fired   up my phone and went to see the effect.  The result looked as if it took a month’s worth of   really difficult calibration and redesign – everything fit in place. Posts were shown exactly as per the settings and navigation was way too easy to be even true.

On the site of the guys that did the plugin, BraveNewCode, it says that it used dynamic rewriting via AJAX to get the results done. I’m no tech guru, but they must have made a lot of effort to get it going. WPtouch imported the custom menus , which are property of WordPress 3.0 and later, directly into the mobile version, making navigation  easy as pie.

One of the most impressive features – at the end of each opened post, there were a set of icons allowing you to do several things – share via email, or social network. What amazed me was it actually detected the Twitter apps on my phone and offered me which one to use in order to Tweet this particular post.

Something I actually expected after all I had seen was the ability to render  the site according to the mobile device’s orientation, and WP Touch handled that task with the expected finesse.

If you are running ads on your site (which is very highly probable) , WPtouch offers to deal automatically with AdSense, Admob or custom ads, which I find pretty useful considering the fact that lots of people wouldn’t even bother running a mobile version if ads can’t be displayed correctly.

WPtouch and WPtouch Pro :

It’s true that the free version doesn’t offer much in terms of settings, and even has some of the functionalities chopped out, like iPad teeming, custom WP3.0 menus and documentation, but in the end it does what it’s supposed to – rewriting your site dynamically to look awesome on mobile devices.

Lots of options are offered to those who decide to buy even the cheapest proprietary version, and if you plan on doing serious business with your website, in my humble opinion it’s worth the investment.


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  1. Excellent! I’ve been ignoring the fact that my droid doesn’t like several of my sites.. You’ve given me instant fixes.

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