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What is a Website Content Writer?

Do you need one for your website ? Can you become one ?

I am website content writer, to some extent, since what you’re reading right now is web content. One might wonder what the difference is between a web writer and a print writer, since , well , they both write! They do topics they’re give, they both do research, they both strive to be  interesting and provide the reader with the information they need. How come is there a difference? 

Well , the difference between the web content writer and the print writer comes with the difference in the media they’re involved with. Web users have a shorter attention span , so the writer has to make sure to present them with information they can and want to assimilate in this manner. Scanning , instead of reading, is a regular practice on the web, and that further defines the common characteristics of a web content writer:

  • A web content writer should be able to do quick research, think quickly and write quickly.
  • Presenting the information in an way that’s easy to scan is a duty of the web content writer, as opposed to print writers who leave that to the graphic designer and editor of the magazine or newspaper.
  • Web content writers should be able to write in such a way as to guarantee more conversions from visitors to customers on the website. That means finding a careful balance between over-promotion and  unbiased writing.
  • Web content writers concern themselves with researching keywords and using them in a way that is compliant with the needs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Providing keyword density and good formatting practices are paramount.
  • A requirement for a good web content writer is to write content in an way that’s engaging to the visitors, but is still easy to read through. Visitors should be able to read the content made by the web content writer without having to immerse themselves in the writing.

Now that we’ve cleared out what  web content writers do that distinguishes them, let’s talk about the need for such writers. Many SEO campaigns utilize such large numbers of writers that they need entire agencies to handle them.  So if you need quality content and can’t write it, maybe you can consider paying a web content writer.

If you’re on the other hand of that bargain – you can write very well, but you have no idea how to put that to use in your own website, don’t want to pay hosting or can’t do web design, then maybe you should try heading out for a freelancing website and offering your services for payment.

In many developing countries, web content writing is seen as almost a dream job, since you earn money from home, in a currency which is far more valuable than yours. Think of the socio-economical impact that has.



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