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Top 5 Free Premium Shopify Themes for 2014

If you’ve been following the updates on our site, then you’d know that we’ve recently been preoccupied with finding business WordPress themes and high quality business WordPress themes. Now, we’ve collected some of the best themes for Shopify , for you to install, activate and explore!

Shopify is a powerful and still simplistic and easy to use solution for those who want to start online business. It allows you to make your own commerce store, with which you can sell products and services online. You just install Shopify (it’s a piece of cake to do it) , and then choose from the many designs available. Voila – you have a store that accepts credit cards and PayPal.

Best Premium Shopify Themes :-

We had to choose a theme for one of our clients recently, and this led to doing some research on the best Shopify themes available. You can take a look at them below, most of them are very good and seem to increase conversion rates.

Sunlight Theme :

With Social Media links and a customizable theme layout, this theme comes to your rescue if you’re wondering what to choose for your online store. It really makes for a good e-commerce website that will look fabulous, especially when customized to be distinguishable. It also supports login for customers and customer accounts

Sunlight Shopify Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale


Drifter Theme :-

Drifter is a theme for Shopify that has a clean , modern design, accented in all the right places in order for you to showcase your products properly. A full PSD file is provided, and the code is well commented as well as with perfect documentation. Browser compatibility is not an issue with this theme, as it has been tested and runs well on Chrome , IE and Firefox.

Drifter - A Shopify Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale


Fancy Pink :-

This theme uses its own light box plugin for product images , making for a perfect gallery experience. It comes in light pink, which is the best color to display female-related products in – hair care, beauty, lingerie and many others. Having only 2 PSD files, it’s quite easy to modify for your own needs.

Fancy Pink - ThemeForest Item for Sale


Responsify Theme :-

This theme is made with mobile friendliness in mind. Responsive design, by definition, means to have a website which adjusts it looks based on what kind of screen it is displayed on. And Responsify does exactly that. It also has a product slide show feature, you can show products in grid or list views, and its easily translated into any language you would want to.

Responsify - ThemeForest Item for Sale


Phantom Shop

Phantom comes with jQuery light box, and support for Gravatar , which makes it perfect for power users.  The theme’s high quality definitely stands out from the rest, and the fact that it is almost 100% CSS means that its color scheme will be easy to modify and retouch – the only actual images used are the buttons!  It has translations for nearly every popular language and it’s dirt cheap for its high quality.

Phantom Shop - ThemeForest Item for Sale

These Shopify themes will help you when developing a good online store. If you’ve found this information useful, you can post it to Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest, for which we will be very thankful. If you have a request for a particular type of post you want to see here, please write to us in the comments below.


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