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What Is A WordPress Theme Framework?

WordPress theme framework :One theme to make them all

WordPress is one of the few platforms to facilitate easy derivation of existing themes and easy redesign and modification. It offers that through the use of child themes, which basically allow you to rewrite the main CSS file and the functions.php file of your existing plugin , allowing you to use a starter theme to get to a better, redesigned theme of your choice. But where do theme frameworks come in the equation? 

Theme frameworks are in their essence no different from regular themes, with the exception that they were built to be expanded. They provide a clean outlook in the beginning, but are designed with the idea that they will be modified in future. It’s just like starting with a simple template, and expanding it to grow onto a bigger , better and more complete notion.

Theme frameworks are :

  • Easy to use and install, just like regular stand-alone themes.
  • A good beginning for efficient development. Let’s face it , no one wants to reinvent the wheel, and themes provide good basis for people with ideas and not enough time to be bothered with the grinding parts of the implementation.
  • Equipped with SEO support, and compliant with most web standards, so the very basics of your new, derivative theme will also be compliant.
  • Supported by experts and enthusiasts from all around the world. If  you’re having trouble with developing using the theme framework, you can always ask certain members of the community and they will be more than happy to help.

Now that we’ve figured out we could use a WordPress Theme Framework to speed up our design process, let’s take a look at the most popular theme frameworks available to users today :

  • Gantry. Available for both WordPress and Joomla, this advanced theme framework offers a stunning admin panel , an ability to control CSS and JavaScript according to the browser of the user and supports 65 widget positions.
  • Thematic. The other leader in the market, which is totally free, offers full search engine optimization, 13 widget ready areas to be reconfigured by your demand. It is compatible with lots of plugins and is basically there for you when you need it. All of that, free of charge.
  • Thesis. This theme framework is designed with the idea of helping users build from the inside , with no prior knowledge. Its most prominent feature is the layer content generator with full support for up to three columns, and  the technical support offered by its authors.

So hop aboard on the theme frameworks train, and start designing easy!

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